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Best Energy Saving Apps For iPhone

energy-saver-appThe recent rise in technology has made life a lot easier for people today. Thanks to the advancement in smartphones, we are now more connected than ever, with anything we want to know literally at our fingertips. With the use of apps, consumers have the ability to to learn more about saving energy and power, which will help them save money and be more environmentally friendly. The average American household now spends over $1600 dollars a year on utilities, the highest that number has been in years. Luckily, the apps that are going to be mentioned can help save users a good amount of money and energy, while teaching them better habits when it comes to power consumption.
Everyday Energy Tips
Everyday Energy Tips is one of the most simplest energy saving apps available for the iPhone, and that’s not a bad thing. This app provides users with straightforward tips that they can use to save some serious coin on their utilities, as well as power usage. The information in the app is meant to be used everyday to get the most effective results so consistency and a change in bad habits is required to see a notable change.
With the rising costs of fuel, many drivers are feeling the pain when they’re at the pump. This is where GasBuddy comes in. GasBuddy is an application that makes saving money at the pump not only easy, but rewarding as well. GasBuddy gives users information on where they can find the cheapest gas in their area, from the closest to the furthest. GasBuddy also encourages users to report the gas prices around them by giving them points that they can use to enter contests to win some pretty cool stuff. So not only can you save gas and money at the pump with this app, but you might win something cool in the process.
Light Bulb Finder
One of the biggest uses of energy in today’s homes is light bulbs. Think about it. We use light bulbs in almost every room of the house, and even decorate our homes and trees with them as well. Traditional light bulbs are notorious for using too much power and not lasting long enough, costing homeowners hundreds of dollars a year in energy and replacement. Light Bulb Finder works by helping users find the most cost effective, and energy saving, light bulbs for any fixture they might need. The app also tells you how much energy each bulb uses, how it’ll impact the environment, and how long you’ll have to use said bulb in order to offset the purchase price. If the desired light bulb isn’t available in any shops around you, Light Bulb Finder gives you the option of ordering it online right through the app.
Thermostats are notorious for being difficult to use and waste a lot of energy as well. People turn up the heat too much during the winter time, and do the same thing with the cold air during the hot summer days. Ecobee helps combat this problem with their new thermostats that come with an app, so you can control the temperature in your house from anywhere in the world. That means programming and scheduling your thermostat can be done in a few taps instead of fiddling around with confusing buttons.
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