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Global Good International Brand Spotlight – TeliaSonera

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TeliaSonera is Doing Good and Supporting 28,000 Employees

Today we bring you information about a great International brand known as TeliaSonera that is helping to better connect people across the entire world with their telecommunications services. They have a major network of underground internet cables that help power the Internet so that you can enjoy your mobile phone or television on the go. They actually care and implement practices throughout their entire business including their supply chain to make sure that they are following the best environmental and social sustainability that they can.
In fact they have dedicated an entire page on their website to discuss what they are doing within the space to do good and treat their employees well. Actively they are working on reducing their carbon footprint and even directly mention how they care about the well-being of their employees which is something we look for in regards to brands we spotlight here at Global Good Group.
TeliaSonera-LogoUnless you have not been a big internet user, then you will surely know what Wikipedia is. Websites such as this are only available online because the world can connect to them through their computers which requires the internet. Brands like TeliaSonera are helping to expand their internet infrastructure so even more people have access to information like Wikipedia and can help innovate ways to change the world and improve it for all. We support your mission TeliaSonera and are very impressed with not only how many people you help provide jobs too but that you focus on global good causes.
Some of the focus areas listed on their website include: human rights, protecting children online, working on eco efficiency and more. They even have a code of ethics and conduct section along with their positions on ethical topics such as illicit file sharing listed on their website for the public to review and share.
Hats off TeliaSonera, we are glad there are brands like you growing and helping to inspire the next generation of internet users to enjoy themselves and change the world doing some Global Good!

Read more about TeliaSonera’s Sustainability practices directly here:
Watch the video below which talks about some of the potential use cases for TeliaSonera’s infrastructure to help the lives of the daily practical user,  you!

Signed, Josh Bois Co-Founder Global Good Networks

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