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Global Good Spotlight: ARE U WASTING TIME?

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It’s not everyday that you come across someone that does globalgood everyday; Asim Ali is an exception to that rule.
All he asks of you is simple… ARE U WASTING TIME?  But seriously ask yourself everyday ARE U DOING MORE GOOD TODAY, THAN YOU DID YESTERDAY?
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“If you are not wasting time, waste no time in educating yourself on how to get involved and to make a difference in empowering and uniting a divided youth that holds our future in it’s hands.  Take the time out of your busy life and schedule to understand that we are all here together regardless of race, culture, religion, sex, opinion, etc and we are not going to waste time in the process.  It is our social responsibility and leadership that allow us to change the lives of those near and far; let’s build together and work toward a better tomorrow! “-Global Good (Rick)

ARE U WASTING TIME? Youth Empowerment “Focus on Success” Overnight Beach Retreat.  Getting done!  Ask yourself, ARE U WASTING TIME?  Program Founder takes a hand on approach to making a positive difference with today’s.
Not only does Asim Ali act as Director of Operation for ARE U WASTING TIME?, he often times can be found driving the program vehicle packed with kids to an outting, building a fire to keep swimmers warm after taking a dip in the ocean, grilling food for chow or even helping with home work!  Asim Ali & ARE U WASTING TIME?  “Making a Difference 1Beat at a time!”

Asim Ali travels all over the country conducting ARE U WASTING TIME? Youth Empowerment Workshop for students in grades school, middle school, HS and college.  Our method utilizes Performing Art as a teaching tool.   Placing huge importances on proper english, sentence structure in speech & clear thinking techniques.  Coming to a school near you, ask us how?  Info@AreUWastingTime.Org.  AreUWastingTime.Org.
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