Google Fiber boosts tech startups in Kansas City

It is no secret that Google chose Kansas City to launch their super-fast fiber network. What is an unexpected twist is that the cable companies seem to be up in arms and there is a huge new tech boom happening in the area.
Verizon has been rolling out their high speed internet service Fios, which is nowhere near as fast as Google fiber. Both AT&T and Verizon seem to be neglecting their fixed line services in favor of consumer wireless.
Karl Bode, an ISP industry insider had this to say about Verizon and AT&T services.
“I think both Verizon and AT&T have made the decision to hang up on any further fixed line broadband competition and are happily letting those users flee to cable,” he says. “Cable in turn will help them by directing their users to wireless services. We’ve effectively just seen the birth of a significantly less competitive broadband market where cable has a monopoly on fixed line broadband, and nobody appears to have noticed.”

It seems that the industry however is taking notice.

Google seems to be running into major issues with the dying cable companies that are trying desperately to hold onto their monopolies of the cable and internet markets. Google had no intention to get into the ISP business but instead has stated that they were just trying to get the majob players in the space to up their game. The big three cable companies have not seemed to follow suit and do not seem to be willing to keep up with the demands of the consumers.

Companies and consumers alike are begging for higher and more reliable internet speeds across the board. The mass migration of small tech companies that have been moving to Kansas City to take advantage of Google’s internet service is staggering. The thought process to move and take advantage of the country’s fastest internet is simple; speed. There are so many young companies that rely specifically on the internet to make money and the faster they can transfer files and collaborate, the more money they can make, plain and simple. While the location does not make it as attractive to investors as the Silicon Valley, the industry landscape may start to shift. Small startups like the one run by
entrepreneurs like Synthia Payne believe it’s the place to be right now for up-and-coming tech companies.

Google’s network was attractive, Payne said, because her business plan “is dependent upon really good, really fast Internet.” “Without this on-ramp here I probably would have found it very difficult to come here,” said Payne, who in December moved from Denver to develop CyberJammer.

The lure for small businesses who want to take advantage of the super-fast internet speeds is undeniable and is something that is sure to not go away anytime soon. It seems that the old adage “location, location, location” may not hold as much water as it once did. it seems to be moving to “internet speed, internet speed, internet speed” and the young and hot start up tech industry seems to agree.

Guest author Brenda Livingston writes about internet service technology and is dedicated to helping consumers make informed decisions.

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