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Was I Really Going That Fast? High Speed Tickets and You

Was I Really Going That Fast High Speed Tickets and YouThere’s no shortage of people who get driving tickets and citations on a daily basis throughout the country. These tickets can carry numerous consequences with them regardless of the citation, but high speed driving likely brings amongst the most serious outcomes. It is imperative for every driver to understand what constitutes speeding and the results that can stem from such citations. Simply knowing the effect of high speed driving may dissuade a person from doing it.

Speeding and Legal Consequences

Speeding laws are going to vary from state to state, but their main purpose is always to ensure that people are traveling at a safe speed. Many people live under the assumption that police won’t pull them over for going ten miles over the speed limit, but this is actually a fallacy. Law enforcement officials can in fact pull a person over and cite them for traveling even a single mile over the limit. These tickets can lead to headaches for those who receive them.
Many people simply opt to pay the fine related to any traffic ticket that they receive, especially if you’re traveling out of town, but this doesn’t stop consequences from occurring. Regardless of where a person lives, their fine is likely to be in the hundreds of dollars range. In an average county in Florida, for instance, you can get a Florida speeding ticket if you’re traveling at twenty miles over the speed limit. It will usually result in a ticket of over two hundred dollars. The fine, however, isn’t the only consequence related to the ticket.
Choosing to pay a fine instead of fighting a ticket is basically an admission of guilt. Because of this, points will be added to a person’s driver’s license. This could eventually lead to a full suspension of driving privileges. Car insurance companies also periodically check their policyholders’ records to see if any tickets have been issued. If they see this ‘admission of guilt’, there is a good chance that a person’s auto insurance rates will go up.

Extralegal Speeding Consequences

Unfortunately, legal repercussions are nowhere near the most serious consequence that a person can face when speeding. Traffic accidents occur due to speeding everyday in America, and these accidents can lead to serious injuries. Seemingly minor injuries like whiplash can actually result in mood and anxiety disorders. There are, of course, much more serious injuries such as paralysis or serious disability that often occur as a result of accidents that happen while speeding.
Another detrimental consequence related to speeding is death. Motor vehicle related deaths have been steadily decreasing over the past few years, and in 2010, there were only around 33,000 deaths caused by car accidents. Not all of these accidents were related to speeding, but a good portion of them were. Statistics show that around one-third of all fatal car accidents are related to speeding, and this means that in 2010, eleven thousand people could have survived if someone weren’t speeding.
Most everyone has been guilty of exceeding the speed limit from time to time, but it’s important to keep the consequences of this dangerous act in mind. This is especially true for people who receive high speed tickets. Traveling excessively over the speed limit can destroy a vehicle and its occupants in many situations, and getting to any appointment on time is never worth a human life.
Nadine Swayne, a freelance writer, practices the good habit of watching speed limits due to knowing the ripple effect speeding can cause in your life. The attorneys at the Ticket Team, Inc. advise that whether you receive a speeding ticket in New York or a Florida speeding ticket, seek the advice of legal representation to make sure your case and ticket are handled in the best way.

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