Horseback Riding Chic is the New Black

You may think that there’s no place for horse riding equipment in an urban outfit. You would be wrong, in that case. As a matter of fact, many of this fall/winter season’s top choice fashion items are at least obliquely inspired by the noble sport of equitation. You may not feel all Zara Philips-like when you hit those streets in your over-knee boots, but, the truth is, you do project a horseback rider vibe. So why not capitalize on this trend, learn about other fashion items that are inspired by horseback riding and possibly investigate the trend further?
Fits Like a Riding Glove
Good riding gloves must observe a few basic rules, since horse riding equipment should, after all, adhere to some functional principles. When riding, you want a good grip of the reins, as well as flexibility, which will allow your hands to move. To this end, soft kidskin gloves are perfect for riding, but they’re also great to add to a wool or polywood blend winter coat. Since capes are all the rage this season, why not spruce up your look and add a touch of royalty with a pair of nude-colored wrist-high gloves?
How Do You Take Your Chaps?
Say chaps and most fashionistas will think Western flicks, John Wayne and other such cowboy-related things. The truth, however, is that lots of boot models featured this season incorporate chap-like elements, with the bottom part of the boot in leather or rubber and the upper part in suede, velvet or fabric. This mixture of textures, combined with an over-knee boot design is heavily reminiscent of horse riding equipment.
Jodhpurs have come into fashion focus since at least three seasons ago. Shunned and derided at first, for their striking resemblance to infamous and wholly unstylish 80s stretch stirrups, these Indian-inspired pants look like they’re here to stay. They’ve penetrated the mainstream street fashion channels some time ago and they’re in no hurry to leave. Stars and regular folk wear them, but how many of them know that they are actually a staple of Equestrian Clothing? The design comes from India, the former ‘crown jewel of the British Empire’. Since the Brits have always been nuts about riding, it follows only naturally that they adopted a local design, employed it in one of their favorite pastimes, then saw it slowly enter the global fashion scene. Like most high-waisted pants, Jodhpurs are particularly recommended for long-legged girls, but can also be pulled off by the less leggy, if paired with a cute ankle heeled bootie or a pair of pumps.
Showy Riding Coats
Show coats are essential horse riding equipment pieces for the pros. They add that touch of elegance and class to an already noble sport. They are usually tailored, with a snug fit at the top and a loose bottom, hitting midway down the thigh. The practical, yet elegant model has been amply featured during this season’s coat collections from all major retailers. Its charming blend of form and function, the way it grants all body shapes a royal allure, as well as the fact that it can be tailored in funky prints make this coat cut perfect for winter ’11/’12.

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