How to Set Up Your Own Website via WordPress

When people think of a website, they imagine one where they can edit any aspect of the site. They do not realise it is part of a content management system otherwise called CMS for short.  WordPress is one of the most well known CMS and comes with a number of different themes, allowing people to customise their own site. Here is how you can set up your own website through WordPress.

1) Choose a Domain

If you have an idea for a domain, buy it now.  Someone else might have a really good idea for the site and may purchase that domain before you do.  You can buy a domain from any hosting company, there are many to choose from. I personally like the customer services from Godaddy, they are always available to help you, no question is too hard for them.

2) Choose your Hosting Provider

I have found it easier to purchase your domain through your hosting provider.  This means that you will not have to wait to get the domain transferred.  Once you have your hosting provider you can install WordPress through the account.  GoDaddy provides support for their customers.  You just need to log in to your account manager, go through the web hosting feature and install WordPress, it really is that easy. You have to set up your database password and description, but that again is not difficult.

3) Set up Google Analytics

It is important to set up a tracking system so that you can see where you customers are coming from and on what keywords.  Now there is the “not provided” scenario where Google will not show you which keywords have brought users to the site if they are signed in. However, Google Analytics is the best free tracking software in the market.  You should set up a new email account for your website and have the GA account linked.  Just open up a new search window and search for “google mail and google analytics”.

4) Install the Latest Version

WordPress themes are constantly being updated.  To avoid any viruses potentially hacking into your site, you must always install the latest version of WordPress.  You will know if you do not have the latest version as when you login, it will tell you.  In the past I have encountered more problems when I had not installed the most up to date version of my WordPress theme.  Remember to always back up before you update.

5) Keep Active

Once you have your WordPress site, make sure you regularly add fresh content to it.  If someone posts a comment, you should respond.  This way you are interacting with your audience. You should also try and keep the content relevant to what is happening in the market place.  For example if you have a travel blog, write about summer destinations in the lead up to this season .

Many printing companies offer affordable web design services.  If you know what type of site you want, they can also help you and some use WordPress too.

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