Intellectual Ventures and their Global Good investments

About Intellectual Ventures and why we want to be them, really bad

Intellectual Ventures is helping sustain and grow the market for innovation by helping innovate through investment and strategic risks. From helping inventors patent great ideas to taking it across borders IV is a great firm.
Here at Global Good Networks we are all about supporting great world changing ideas. In our circumstances we found it easiest to build initial traction and gain marketing momentum by working within the confines of digital web properties, first at least. We strongly support other firms that help grow and cultivate great ideas such as incubators ( think Y Combinator or Plug and Play in Silicon Valley ), and angel or venture capital groups. While we are still early stage investors and not investing tens of millions quite yet, it is a fair assessment that we are working as hard as we can to get to that stage.

Touch the world all over, and really spread Global Good

Furthermore, Intellectual Ventures is all over… literally. From Bellevue, Wa to  Bangalore, Karnataka and China among many other locations you can find a local office within a plane flight on most major continents, even Australia!
Recently we covered the GSBI event in Silicon Valley which has a goal of reaching 1 billion people through its network via great innovations and social entrepreneurs. Well we also share that same vision and came up with it prior to hearing about GSBI’s vision. Our goal, at least my vision for GGN personally, is to be able to invest behind great products, services, and people that share the common goal to change the world. Websites change the world too and that is why we have started there.
After a recent conversation with a business associate tonight I realized how amazing Craig Newmark, the founder of is. I have personally met him, shaken his hand given my business card and discussed Global Good Networks with him briefly and my prior positive beliefs about him were re-confirmed. There are some genuinely kind hearted people in this world. He has created a website that has helped people make money and a living along with save money and the website itself does not even charge people or monetize with ads the way it could. Sites such as this and Kiva who I also met recently in Santa Clara, Ca have great missions at their core. Whether it is the financial resources of a firm like Intellectual Ventures or other firms investing their leadership and marketing resources we want to grow to that and aspire to be great; something visible in our daily actions such as this article alone… exposing great firms to the public.

 How Intellectual Ventures is spreading Global Good

They have worked with Bill Gates to take on tough problems! ( ). From health technologies to special materials ( think meta materials and synthetically engineered products) they are paving the way to help and impact real lives. Currently the Global Good Network is seeking more opportunities for physical outreach to really touch the lives of people.

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