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@JustinBieber is Old Enough to Father a Child, stops by DWTS, and donates $100,000 to Las Vegas Elementary School

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Justin-BieberTeen heart-throb and international singing sensation, Justin Bieber has been all over the news this week, and with his major appearences on national television, it is a little hard for Justin biber to stay out of the spotlight.  On Monday night, Justin Biber blessed the stage of the show Dancing With The Stars and gave his fans not one but TWO hit single performances.
On Tuesday the Biebs was off to make another appearence on the Ellen Degeneres show to promote his newest album, Under The Mistletoe.  While on the Ellen show Justin Bieber announced that he would be donating an amazing $100,000 to an elementary school in as Vegas in addition to another ‘surprise’ or ‘special treat’ as the Biebs put it.
In addition to all of these other Biebevents going on in the world, the entire globe has been wondering about the allegations of Justin Bieber being a father.  While no evidence or proof of Justin fathering a child at the young age of 16 (when the event supposedly took place), I beleive that there are two things we have to consider:

  1. Justin Bieber at the age of 16 CAN biologically father a child because he is producing enough sperm as he has probably finished puberty.  And as it is with Justin Bieber’s hit songs, it only takes one to make magic.
  2. The second, and probably most important fact, When Would He Have Time To Father A Child?  He has been on so many tours, performances, live appearences, talk shows, etc over the last year and a half, that it would seem nearly impossible for the teen to have enough time.
Justin Bieber is a great individual that holds himself with dignity and respect.  He has blessed us with his amazing voice and performances, and I beleive we owe it to Justin Bieber to let him continue doing what he is really good at, while not worrying about the rumors and skepticism.
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Signed, Rick Jeffries

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