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Luxury Monitor Technology – Hilarious Marketing by LG

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First off, we love LG, not only do they have great technology but they find very great applications for their tech and sometimes it results in amazing marketing. Recently they started a campaign called “So Real It’s Scary” basically showing that their TV’s were so real they could trick people into thinking something was happening right in front of them when in reality it was all prefilmed.
The pranks they played on people were absolutely hilarious and one included having people in some sort of job interview or meeting and the window behind the boss is really the TV but it looks as if it is a view of the city. All of a sudden as people are sitting and talking when the office starts to shake a bit and on the screen a meteor starts coming down about to hit the city. You can see people get out of their chair and start screaming and freaking out. After the prank is over they are so relieved. At the end of the day it is amazing how real these TV’s are and it is something you definitely need to get in your house to enjoy movies and TV the way they are meant to be enjoyed.
Another prank that they did was to place a lot of these TV’s at the bottom of an elevator. When people step on all they see is a white floor to the elevator and think nothing of it, even though they are on TV’s. All of a sudden graphics on the screen start to show the floor boards being ripped out and they have to hold on to their lives! It is quite funny and people all jumped when it started happening even if they soon realized that they were okay and it was just TV screens!
We though that this campaign was hilarious and a great way to showcase great technology like this rather than just talk about the specs. These TV’s have real lifelike colors and are super flat so you barely realize your looking at a TV. Thank you to LG for making such great videos! Check out some of the other pranks in the video below!

The Best Yet, The Clown and Bear Prank In Store

So those pranks above are funny but this one is the best don’t forget to check out the video!

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