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Providing corporate hospitality at events creates a unique environment for guests to network and build business relationships. By relying on external specialists to provide corporate hospitality services, businesses can ensure that the corporate hospitality is planned strategically and managed effectively to enable guests to enjoy themselves and networking with other attendees.
A popular and effective form of corporate hospitality is to combine unique hospitality service with major sporting events. Word renowned sporting events such the World Cup, the European Championships, Formula One and The Open are prime examples of opportunities to combine corporate hospitality with sporting events. Companies often invite customers, staff, investors as well as potential clients to attend such events in order to build relationships and incentivise staff. By providing VIP hospitality, guests are able to enjoy the event and liaise with other guests in a luxurious and unique environment whilst companies can use the event to network with key industry professionals and garner the attention of their industry peers.
In addition to this, companies can make use of private meeting rooms and private boxes in which to spectate. In some instances companies arrange to have corporate branding materials displayed in order to personalise the event. Full corporate signage as well as more subtle branding is often available for companies who wish to engage fully with the corporate hospitality ethos. As well merely attending the sporting event, companies can arrange a bespoke itinerary and focus their hospitality around the event as well as including other attractions for guests. For example, many companies include dinner or a drinks reception as part of their corporate hospitality package as well as speeches form industry leaders and notable individuals. By tailoring the corporate hospitality package, companies can ensure that every event meets their needs and that they can offer effective corporate hospitality to their guests.
With numerous events taking place around the world, corporate hospitality specialists can provide unique packages for businesses in any location. In addition to organising and managing the event corporate hospitality providers can often assist with travel arrangements for notable guests. In some instances, bespoke travel arrangements such as private jets or helicopters are used as part of the corporate hospitality package and enable guests to travel in luxury. Although perceived by some as an avoidable business expense, the value obtained from corporate hospitality far outweighs any initial cost. By regularly hosting corporate hospitality events, businesses can motivate staff, inspire potential investors, gain additional clients and liaise with influential industry leaders whilst enjoying some of the biggest and most popular sporting and entertainment events.
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