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As cloud computing has become more popular in business, companies have found many ways to save money and improve efficiency with this new technology. Now, the cloud is changing the way businesses are handling SEO. Since cloud computing makes it possible for sites to be accessed by users from their own regional servers, site speed is improved and websites can maintain the clout they deserve according to their numbers of visitors worldwide.
Hosting Location Issues
In the past, hosting location has played a major part in how websites are judged by the search engines. By looking at sites’ origins as indicated by their Top Level Domains, or TLDs, search engines decided whether to display those pages when users were seeking local search results from their own countries. Even when websites had generic TLDs, websites would either include or rule out results based on which countries hosted them. As a result, an online business marketing to Canadian consumers would need to host its site with a Canadian hosting company. Of course, webmasters could also modify how Google classified their sites by changing their options in Webmaster Tools.
How Cloud Computing Has Affected Hosting Location in SEO
The cloud changes the hosting situation by serving data to locations individually. As a result, several versions of a site, all optimized to target different countries, are each perceived as competing websites by the search engines. Of course, the search results display these sites as ranking according to authority among users in different places. This situation calls for a massive overhaul to search engine algorithms. Cloud technology isn’t going anywhere, and the sooner Google and others adapt, the better served users around the world will be.
Google and Cloud Trends
Since Google’s 2010 algorithm update, its site indexing method grew to handle a number of new factors in its rating system. As a result, loading speed became important for local SEO. This is a major boon to sites using cloud computing, which drastically improves page loading time for users around the world. Thanks to the cloud’s more efficient use of resources overall, sites utilizing it can expect better ratings by Google’s algorithms as it decides what to display to users.
The improved speed with which cloud-hosted sites arrive on users’ monitors is also an advantage for Google, which aims to provide a great experience as the world’s most popular search engine. It’s no surprise, then, that Google has been a major proponent of cloud computing since it arrived on the scene several years ago. The company has modeled its newer algorithms to account for the changes, understanding that the cloud’s role in online search will expand in the future.
According to data service provider,QTS, with the addition of SEO enhancement to the long list of cloud benefits, businesses who adopt cloud hosting now will be rewarded as the online landscape continues to evolve. Cloud hosting means reaching more new customers around the world and serving existing clients with faster service right away. The implementation of cloud computing for SEO purposes is on the cutting edge of online business technology, and ideas about how this might evolve in the future are exciting for online marketers everywhere.
A former business journalist, Ann Bailey researches improved web-based user experiences for business websites, and reports these findings for those interested in online data trends. The business and technology firm QTS offers leading core data and cloud service, providing complete solutions to a wide variety of data center IT infrastructure hosting needs.
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