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Organic Lawn Fertilizers Create A Greener Lawn By Going Green

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Many people think of spring as the time that lawns start to grow lush and green. Most lawn growth happen unseen during the winter months. Grass becomes dormant on the surface and often turns brown, yet underneath the roots are growing and taking in essential nutrients. Healthy root development makes for more vigorous grass development. Organic lawn fertilizer is important to establishing a beautiful lawn. The best organic lawn fertilizer contains high protein levels. Soil content should provide for an increase in microorganisms, these organisms sustain root growth and the germination of grass seeds. Going organic in the long term will increase grass growth, promote helpful microbes, lessen diseases, provide pure nutrients and remove toxic chemicals from the earth. Fall is the time to fertilize and set the stage for a beautiful lawn. Spring is an opportunity to fertilize again as the lawn produces new blades of grass.

• Top Organic Fertilizers
An organic lawn fertilizer review is a great way to begin the process of selecting natural ways to feed a lawn. Fortunately there are a number of brands, which will help to give yards a lovely green using Earth-friendly ingredients. Ringer All Natural Lawn Restore Fertilizer is available in a forty pound bag for $30.00. It contains the right combination of protein rich ingredients as well as a component, which inhibits weed growth. Consumer ratings for this product have averaged four stars. Bradfield Organics in a forty pound page sells for $ 25.00. It states that it is an alfalfa-based application, but it does not indicate if it contains bone meal or blood meals, which are protein rich additives, essential in the growth of helpful microorganisms. The price is very reasonable and it has received favorable ratings. Scotts organic lawn fertilizer comes in a eleven pound bag and is priced around $23.00 It contains kelp, feather, bone and blood meals, which are excellent protein rich additives insuring a luscious green yard. It is the most expensive, but it contains the valuable ingredients essential for plant growth. The best organic fertilizers are packed with protein, which feeds good microbes creating a healthy balance in the lawn’s ecosystem. Remember that it may appear that organic programs are more expensive, but over time they are less expense, because there will be no reason to use pesticides, fungicides and herbicides.
• Establishing a New Lawn
Preparing the soil is the first step to creating a lawn, which will be able to do well even during adverse weather conditions. Apply dry organic lawn fertilizer to approximately 4 inches of topsoil mixed with half organic compost. Apply ten to twenty pounds of organic fertilizer to every one-thousand square feet. The best lawn fertilizer organic should contain a combination of protein rich grains and blood meal. The higher protein levels will accelerate the the proliferation of microorganisms, which increase germination and root development. It is important not to use too much compost and to keep the mixture to half compost to top soil. Frequent watering is paramount to maintaining a new lawn as well as weeding. Remember that a lasting lawn depends on a good foundation of topsoil, compost, lawn organic fertilizer and the best variety of grass seed for the yard. An organic lawn fertilizer program can replace routine chemical use by merely stopping the use of artificial nutrients.
• Use Organic Instead of Chemical Fertilizers
It has been the practice to use chemical fertilizers to get a green lawn, but many have decided to use organic products. Chemical fertilizers are similar to an energy drink for the yard. These artificial nutrients do not sustain the plants for long term growth. They accelerate plant growth, but it is unregulated, producing an initial increase in the production of new grass. The microorganisms, which maintain a rich soil base, do not benefit from these artificial nutrients and eventually the soil becomes depleted of vital microbes and the grass suffers.
• Benefits of Using a Liquid
Liquid organic lawn fertilizer is one of the most efficient ways to revive depleted soil. The organic liquid lawn fertilizer quickly enriches the soil and is absorbed directly into the root system. The plants are able to immediately benefit from this rich tonic. Some people create their own liquid fertilizer by making compost tea. Compost tea can be made by soaking compost in water. It can be applied to the yard by spraying it onto the grass in the same way other liquid applications are administered.
• Pet Safety
Pets are another part of the family, but chemical fertilizers can compromise their health. Dogs and cats digging in the yard can easily encounter chemical, which can be potentially hazardous to their overall well being. Herbicides and fungicides are another rich to your pets health. There are many reasons to stop using chemical fertilizers, but the health of pets may be on the top of the list. These chemical treatments can also pose a threat to children’s’ health. Studies by veterinarians have noted the adverse affects of chemical lawn treatments and pet health. Most pet parents and parents will agree that endangering their loved ones health is too great a risk. The other consideration is that organic fertilizers over time more effective than their chemical counterparts. There is absolutely no question as to why people should compromise the health of their children, pets, or their own selves, when there is a better alternative.
A green approach to lawn maintenance will provide long term benefits. Organic lawn fertilizer products are part of a regimen, which creates a healthy environment for grass growth. Insect pests and other problems, which affect the overall well being of a yard, can be regulated by natural means. This is the way nature intended grass to grow, free from chemicals and other artificial conventions. When nature is in balance grass and human beings benefit. Living outside of nature is not the way to approach plant growth or on a larger scale our planet. Love the Earth and love green grass, have both with lawn fertilizer organic.
This is a guest post from GeorgiaLawn.com. A lawn care company that is trying to make a difference on lawns across Atlanta with as little environmental impact as possible.

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