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Redefining the Art World: Cojo and ArtSucks.com

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One of the most talented artists I have ever come in contact with, Cojo uses his skills as a veteran artist to inspire others.  His artwork is more than a canvas with colors on it, each image and painting is a complete body of work that has personality.
I met Cojo for the first time at Blog Cafe 3.0 in New York two weeks ago, and ever since I have been doing my research into some of his work I was earlier unfamiliar with.  Everything from individual sketches, portraits, and cartoon-style artwork Cojo Art really has something to offer to everyone.  Whether you are an art snob and can appreciate his larger more complex bodies of work, or even the artwork in the magazines that Cojo has done, you begin to realize one thing; this is definately one of the most talented free hand artists on the face of the earth.
You can check out Cojo here: Wikipedia Link |Facebook Link | Twitter Link | Google +
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