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Restoration1 Enables Homeowners to Reclaim Their Properties

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Water damage is a serious hazard and happens far more often that many think.  Property damage resulting from water damage is the third most common cause of homeowner loss.  It caused $9.1 billion in homeowner policy property losses from 2007 to 2009.

The American Insurance Association (AIA) states that “water damage claims have been growing faster than other components of homeowners insurance.” Many of these accidents could have been prevented (up to 93 percent), and most water damage occurs because leaks that were slow and gradual turned into a bigger problem seemingly overnight.

Whether a property is suffering from water, fire, or smoke damage, the services provided by Restoration 1 can help homeowners “bounce back” and recoup the value of their properties.  The Florida-based franchise offers free estimates on mold inspection, removal, and remediation.

“Mold removal and mold inspection are our premiere services. Most of the time, serious water damage is followed by heavy mold growth left in the damaged area.”  The company, which also has international franchisees in Canada and the U.K., also offers water damage restoration and water extraction services.  “We perform restoration for both residential and commercial properties.”

The company has locations in Florida, Georgia, Ohio, Virginia, Maryland, and New Jersey.  Its employees have extensive experience in restoring property damaged by fire.  “We are equipped with all the latest advanced technology and tools to ensure that your property will be restored perfectly. Our employees participate in regular training and education to provide the best fire water damage restoration service possible.”

“Restoration 1 is a company that Chris Carroll & Associates is very comfortable with referring to their clients, our reputation is very important to us, we are very confident when we recommend Restoration 1 that they are going to respond professionally to our customer’s needs,” says Chris Carroll of Chris Carroll & Associates.

“After the last hurricane came through Florida, the windows had broken here in my kitchen and I had quite a lot of water damage. I called Restoration 1 and they started a cleanup process. As far as I’m concerned, Restoration 1 went above and beyond, and I would recommend them highly for any smoke, fire, mold, or water damages. They will handle everything, and keep it simple for the homeowner,” says Steve Kaplan a homeowner.

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