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RideForCaylee.org – Coming Together For Caylee Marie Anthony

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Take A Moment To Remember the True Victim in this case that the public media has blown wildly out of proportion on the grounds that it is not possible that this was a start-to-finish and  authentic pre-trial,trial, and aftermath.  Rest in Peace Caylee Marie Anthony (August 9, 2005 – Way To Early)

Caylee Marie Anthony
Caylee Marie Anthony

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Started by Louis Grasse and Clint House of Jacksonville, Florida, RideforCaylee.org is a Florida  Non-profit organization built in support of the worldwide movement of the Caylee Law and to support the National Amber Alert system.
Clint House was a key figure in the Casey Anthony trial, a previous roommate of Casey and Caylee Anthony and since the “not guilty” verdict, has become the voice and soul behind the movement to memorialize Caylee forever with Caylee’s law.

Louis Grasse is the owner and President of H2o Cycles (www.h2ocycles.com), a motorcycle customization and fabrication company. In addition, he is a the Editor-at-large for Rockets Media, the publisher of both www.Blingrockets.com and www.Blingbaggers.com Online magazines.
Friends for many years, the two have joined forces to create rideforcalyee.org and plan to bring a structured, police escorted motorcycle ride to as many as ten locations across the country. Raising money for the Amber Alert system and Caylee’s Law worldwide. The first ride has been schedule for August 13, 2011, the first weekend day available after August 9, 2011 which would have been Caylee’s sixth birthday. For ride information, ways to help the organization, different ways to donate time, services, or money to this great effort, visit their sites and stay up to date on Facebook and Twitter.
Help them to memorialize Caylee’s memory and stop the media focus on the negatives surrounding the failure of our justice system. Caylee Marie Anthony forever!
Please visit http://www.rideforcaylee.org/ For More


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