Safe water filters from Nazava Saving Indonesia and the World


Safe Water Filters from Nazava are Protecting Indonesia

Hello Global Gooders,
Today we bring you a great story of joy directly from Lisa Heederik, MSc the director of business development and a co-founder of Nazava Water filters.
We are sitting together right now and we are interviewing her about her great Nazava product and her experiences helping to change and impact the world as well as Indonesia.
Josh: First off, thank you for meeting with me this morning Lisa. I am very glad to share your story with our readers at GlobalGoodGroup and am glad that we got to meet with you before you leave back to Indonesia.
To start off, would you please share with us how you got into selling safe water filters?
Lisa: So I came to Indonesia after the Tsunami in 2007 and worked for NGO’s. Then there was a drinking water problem in our own house because there was no tap water and the water there was very dirty even from the wells. So we had to carry water on our bikes which was too complicated and difficult. When we traveled to Brazil there were water filters sold in super markets and everywhere. We looked around and they were not here in Indonesia so we saw an opportunity. We invested our savings and started to design different models and we came up with our current super model. Our neighbors and friends began interested and also helped out and invested some. From that point it started to grow and grow into what it is today.
Josh: Wow! That is an incredible story and very interesting to hear how it all began. Where are you guys at now in terms of your impact within Indonesia?
Lisa: We have sold 18,000 and are projecting 200,000 more water filter sales over the coming four years. This will mean we have reached over 1 million people seeing as an entire family can utilize the product and get safe drinking water.
Josh: Do you guys have any plans on expanding to other countries?
Lisa: We are getting a lot of demand from Africa, Mozambique to be specific. But, Indonesia has 245 Million people so it is a good target market already. There are a 100 million people in Indonesia with no clean drinking water which is the same as the total population of Kenya, Uganda, and Sudan together.
Josh: You really have done your market research; it is so refreshing to hear somebody making great changes in the world that is very focused and can show practical results from it.  How does the filter work?
Lisa: The Nazava filter can capture or clean rain water, tap water, or well water without a need to boil or use any electricity. The water is free of bacteria and pathogens and has an effective removal of 99.99%.
Josh: How long would one of these last for a family?
Lisa:  The replacement filter lasts 1-2 years depending on the quality of water they purify. They can buy another one for: $8 US.
Josh:  What is the impact of this on the childen of Indonesia?
Lisa:  Over 50,000 children die a year due to diarrhea and buying water is expensive. It costs about $80 a year and the other problem is that 70% of the Indonesians have a self provided source or drinking water. They do not have tap water and they have rely on their well which usually looks like coffee or mud water because it is so dirty.
Josh: How do you sell your product?
Lisa: We sell our product through a network of 40 resellers ( 60%  of revenue) spread all over Indonesia and through direct marketing ( 30% of revenue )  and 10% goes through NGO’s such as the World Bank. We also have a great relationship with Kopernik the technology marketplace for Indonesia; they are enabling really poor women to obtain our water filters and become resellers. They train women resellers in very unprivileged areas so that they can generate income from the sales of the filters.
Josh: That is very inspiring and a double Global Good it seems. What advice would you give to other female entrepreneurs out there trying to change the world.
Lisa: Just do it.  Invest some funds, and go for it.  If you really want to do something for the people that only make $2 a day then go south and find a way to really help.
Josh: So true! I believe that too. Many people need to put action to their thoughts and words and really get out there. Thank you so much for meeting with me Lisa so that we could share your story with the world! We wish you the best of luck on your missions out in Indonesia. Have a Global Good day!
Check out there Youtube Channel here:
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Signed Josh Bois
Some of the features from their website:

Water Filter
Drink for free
Water Filter
No electricity needed
Water Filter
No chemicals
Water Filter
No need to boil
Water Filter
Free of bacteria

Nazava has even been covered in Tokyo:
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