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Show the world how you do good with Toms of Maine Good First App on Facebook

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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Tom’s of Maine. All opinions are 100% mine.
Hey there Global Gooders, we are very pleased to introduce you to Tom’s of Maine. This great firm has come up with an ingeniuous way to promote doing good in the world which is what we stand for. They have created a great facebook page as many firms do but they have gone above and beyond by actually creating a facebook app as well.

 This app rewards you for telling the world how you like to help change it and posts a badge to your profile as well as it makes its own photo album. Right after you explain how you like to help the world it shows you which of your friends also chose that option and lets you tag them and post it online as well.

 The app was fun to use and we enjoyed sharing with our audience how we like to change the world here at the Global Good Network! Our friends were curious as to what the app was and starting messaging us about what it was and how they could join up too; it is a great way to spark some interesting communication within your community!

 We suggest that you use it daily to spark real change in your community and get people to think about how they are making a difference.There are no more free samples so they will not be able to get one but regardless the app is great and helps the world you need to check it out! You should leave comments below this post to get other readers excited and also you can always blog about this opportunity too!

Are you here to do good? We recommend you share your favorite way of doing good on their App.
The first step let’s you explain how you like to do Good.
It lets you choose between:
Helping People | Helping animals | Healthy Eating | Healthy Living | Caring for Mother Earth
Then it will show you which topics and friends also did the similar thigns as you.

Ready to change the world and include your friends?
Hop on over to their Facebook App here:
 Tom’s of Maine Good First application on Facebook
Check out Tom’s of Maine on Twitter! Tom’s of Maine on Twitter
Or check out their Pinterest Profile: Tom’s of Maine on Pinterest
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ARTICLE BY: JOSH BOIS, Co-Founder Global Good Networks

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