The Cell Network frustrations of a Silicon Valley business man

Tales from an unhappy cellular customer searching for a great cell network

Hello Global Gooders, today we bring you the story of a very displeased wireless customer. When trying to run the Global Good Network including sites like Global Good Group an executive must make, and take, many very important business calls. What is one to do when they are not able to make these Global calls without constant dropping? Well, one must resort to absolute last resort moves as they wait for their contract to expire and switch to a better carrier.

Bad service and dropped calls? That’s just a common urban myth… Or is it?

Me, Josh Bois, Co-Founder of Global Good Networks, with bad service having to charge my phone while holding it in a wine glass for better service. When will my  wireless carrier improve?!

My wireless carrier’s service has been so degraded that I had to turn to one of my best friends’ for advice, the friend I refer to as Google. A few searches gave me a few hints that would ease my pain ever so slightly as I wait to switch out of my contract and move to a real carrier that can handle my needs with great speed and many, many bars of service.

Google found pages that discussed putting your phone into a glass to improve signal as well as plugging it in.

So what did I have to resort to? Well the impersonal feature that you call speakerphone, also known as unprofessional. So today I cheers to you with the same wine glass I have had to use to stick my phone in to compensate for the horrible service of my current carrier.
I am so frustrated about my current carrier!
Perhaps a song about  it could go something like this:

 My Wireless Carrier says I should have more Bars
I say, yeah, perhaps, maybe but only if I was on Mars.
Please, give me some more signal I’m not shooting for the stars…
One day my current contract will be gone time will tell
For the days are done of voice raising and me having to yell
Sorry, sorry but your quality of services lowered and fell
No more lies, please I don’t want what you have to sell
Just a few more months here and all will be clear
voice, data, and a happy left ear
That is all my Global Gooders, I wish you dear!
Article by: Josh Bois, Co-Founder Global Good Networks


“Compensation was provided by U.S. Cellular via Glam Media. The opinions expressed
herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of U.S.

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