The story behind Google's acquisition of for Chrome Web Browser

Did I stumble upon a big Google Chrome deal that was kept secret? You Decide

One day when searching around the web, on Google’s Chrome Browser I pondered to myself…
… Does Google also own It is a definite possibility with all of the cash and power they hold.
So I visited google and did a search for chrome to see how well Google had penetrated the market in terms of the word Chrome itself. Keep in mind I am a long time internet marketer of eleven years or more so I constantly think about things such as brand names and relevant keywords to target.
Sure enough…’s Chrome browser was on Then I was curious, okay, well… how long have they owned this domain?
At first I wondered if Google would have also made it harder somehow to find results about or how much press the business deal got. There were no immediate results other than one site which we posted a picture below that came from their article about this.
Apparently was the corporate Domain for a business and they sent a message to their users and IT staff about the partnership and discontinuation of the site.

The Old website prior to Google’s purchase mentioned that on September 1st, 2012 the chrome site would be discontinued. As there is no official Press Statement about this from Google this may be a fresh deal that almost nobody has realized happened.
Google bought for an undisclosed amount or made some sort of deal to snag it for their browser.

Right on to Google for making the power play to follow their dream behind, a good SEO inspiration to you all as well that if you come up with a world changing product and have some capital, you can go for a major mass marketable name like Chrome.

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Read about Google’s Chrome browser here: or go directly to the new:
Thank you to for writing about the owner change of, you were one of the very few resources we could find off the bat about this purchase.
What this teaches us is that with enough capital behind you, you can go after a major dictionary word like Chrome as a product or business.
Resources accessed:
Some other brand’s taking advantage of a wisely used word like Chrome:
( results from the 6th page of google to get a good sample past the initial chrome browser results )

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