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The Worlds Water Shortage problem solutions and technology investment needs ( video )

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Of The World’s Total water supply 97% is seawater and of the remaning, less than .5% is usable unpolluted clean water.

Water shortage is a worldwide problem that we must address now

Today we bring you news of the World’s Water supply which is diminishing and needs more attention. One firm, Fidelity, is helping to promote this problem through their Thinking Big marketing campaign which is all over the web and being promoted on websites such as Hulu during commercial breaks. Despite this likely being an attempt for Good publicity it is something that is really positive for the world and they deserve a big high five for it.
The video, which is below, discusses the water shortage problem that faces not only America but the entire world. America for example has a lot of water and not that big a population compared to regions such as Asia where there is much less water and an enormous population. Statistics within the clip below signal that by 2025 around half of the world could be looking for new water supplies and having some serious difficulties.
Within the next 15 years we need to invest into more water desalination projects which can help make seawater drinkable or at least usable for agriculture. Water shortage problems are a major problem because there is only so much water in this world and we cannot create more of it. There is only one chemical equation which water is made up by H20 and you cannot simply make more of it. Let’s band together and fix this problem together. Please share this article and comment below on your ideas on how we can fix this!
Watch the video below or directly on Youtube Here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vtXHi1lr3H8&feature=relmfu

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