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Things You Didn't Know About the Fashion Industry: Part 1

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It’s fact that the fashion industry is full of stuck up and self proclaimed “fashionistas,” but I’m sure there’s a few thing you don’t know and in fact you will be surprised to find out quite a few things. Join me and read along in my “Things you didn’t know about the fashion industry series.”
The fashion industry is a trillion dollar industry. It transcends cultures all over the world. The fashion industry sets trends, determine whats “haute” and what’s not, and determines what the future of fashion will be. However, with this power the fashion industry has, is it possible they are abusing that power? Oh yea!
No one wants to talk about the negatives of the fashion industry. But someone has to do the dirty work! Part 1 will focus on the how fashion shows aren’t really necessary. Well, not like they used to be. Fashion shows use to be about allowing potential buyers the chance to see a designers line with hope that the next season their line will be in the department stores. In addition, fashion shows allowed a designer to get publicity in various publications. However, do you know how much it costs to present at NYFW?
It costs up to half a million dollars. Why present a fashion show and spend that much when you can just pay a publicist and branding/marketing company to do the job and be way more effective. I’m just saying!
Fashion shows have changed over the last few years. They have become more “social” and many fashion bloggers are encouraged to tweet or facebook about the shows they attend. Designers having hope that they can capitalize on the “popularity or “trending” of their line in the social media world. As a fashion blogger, that is my job, promote the brand. Take pics and tweet. Attend shows and write about what I see. But I guarantee no one knew how much fashion shows cost to put on. Especially when the models are walking so fast you can barely snap a pic on your iPhone or the simple fact that the show only lasts about 5 minutes. So how much influence does one really expect with such conditions?
Makes you think if its even worth having  a fashion show? Well, its still awesome to attend shows. The music and lighting production is often amazing.  It’s almost like the semi-annual cocktail affair for fashion industry insiders. You wear your best outfits and get photographed. You sit next to  bloggers, buyers, and sometimes you spot a few celebrities in front row. So as long as I get an invite, I’ll be at NYFW however I now know there’s no real need for it.  It simply a “social” affair that everyone wants to be seen at –but not everyone can.
-Nely The Fashion Blogger

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