Top 5 Tandem Skydive Destinations Around the World

Skydiving is one of the greatest thrills you can possibly have. But once you’ve got over the excitement of simply hurling yourself out of a plane any old place, it gives you a great excuse to go to some stunning locations – and see them from a perspective most people don’t.


The highest tandem skydive in the UK – Lincoln, UK
Lincoln may not be the most glamorous place in the world, but British tandem skydivers looking to expand their horizons will find it a good place to start.
Home of the highest tandem skydive in the UK, skydiving over Lincoln gives you the chances to jump from 15,000ft, giving you 60 seconds of free fall at 120mph and then a good 5-7 minutes to take in the English countryside once the parachute has opened.
Great Barrier Reef skydiving – The Reef Cairns, Australia
Experience one of the world’s natural wonders from heights of up to 14,000ft (Australia’s highest skydive). Plenty of people go to see the Great Barrier Reef, but only a few ever get to see so much of it at once.
It’s just not the reef though, surrounding it is stunning rainforest and beautiful beaches, making for a spectacular view.
Skydiving over Middle Earth – Taupo, New Zealand
By now, pretty much everyone on the planet must be familiar with the breathtaking scenery of New Zealand. Thanks to the Lord of the Rings films, the epic landscape has become a must-see attraction of any traveller. What better way to check out Mt. Doom than to jump from a plane above it?
Not only is there the epic scenery, but local skydiving operate Skydive Taupo will pick you up in a white limo (free of charge) from Taupo town centre on the day of your jump.

Skydive over the highest peak in the world – Mount Everest, Nepal
It used to be that to see the highest peak in the world you had to climb there. Not any more. It doesn’t come cheap (a $1,000 deposit six months before the jump and a further $14,000 three months prior) but then this is a rarefied experience.
The jump starts at 29,000ft from which you freefall right in front of Mount Everest before reaching the highest dropzone in the world.
It’s not cheap, but if you’re going to see the top of Mount Everest, it’s probably a lot easier than climbing it.
Skydive over an active volcano – Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia
One for experienced divers only – this particular dive was made famous by X Games gold medallist Valery Rozov in a stunt for Red Bull. If you’re a thrill seeker, this is definitely one to aim for, after all, how many people can say they’ve skydived over an active volcano?
You can get great extreme sports and tandem skydives from Extreme Element so get insperation from the above and really fly.

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