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Tyga Explains Why Pac Isn't On Hotel California

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Tyga’s Hotel California was released this week, but one of the most anticipated tracks was the song “Hit Em Up,” interpolated version of the scathing 1996 diss track by 2Pac. The finished version of the song–the version that wound up on the album–does not feature 2Pac’s vocals, however.
Tyga explained to Skee TV why Pac’s vocals had to be removed.
“I put it out before, but when it comes to clearing stuff, it takes time. It’s not like you can just call somebody and just like, bam!” Tyga shared. “They gon’ hit you right back. It might take two, three weeks, it might take a month for his foundation to get back.”
“At that time, we didn’t have enough time to wait,” he explained.
The Interview can be viewed below!
[youtube width=”500″ height=”300″]iXvNlLrL8jg[/youtube] -Carliejay <3

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