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Watch Out for Potential Hazards in Your Office Space


Danger is less than an inch away from negligence. It lurks almost everywhere; on the street, in shops, in parking areas, and even at your work place. You might have recently relocated your office so it would be a good idea to aquatint your self with the potential hazards. Your work place might seem to be all hunky dory and ideal to work in, but it will stay so only if careful planning is executed to keep potential hazards at bay. Let’s talk about the possible dangers in your office space.

Electrical Hazards
These are omnipresent. There is hardly any area in a typical office devoid of electrical connections. The immediate repercussion of carelessness with electrical wires and equipment could be a fire hazard. It takes only a split second for such electrical connections to short out and abet a fire break out any moment. Also, the fire takes hardly anytime to spread and go out of control in an office space laden with easily inflammable paper and other stationery.
Electrical shock is another electrical hazard besides fire. Open electrical connections or                  worn out wires make your office staff vulnerable to electric shocks, which can turn out to be life threatening. Such anomalies must hence be corrected immediately to ensure a safe work environment.
Also, in the event that a short circuit occurs, the perils of losing important information loom large. Hence, regular maintenance checks must be executed to look out for damaged connections, frayed wires, and loose-fitting switches and plugs. Quickly replace or repair those.
2. Slippery Floors
One of the most common hazards with a potential to cause injuries of various kinds is a wet or a slippery office floor. Don’t waste time in getting any liquid spilled on the floor cleaned to avoid tripping. If forgotten, a seemingly normal spill could end up fracturing, spraining or bleeding one of your co-workers.
3. Sedentary hazards
All your employees who continue sitting in a single position for long hours are prone to this risk. Sitting at the desk and staring at the computer screen for hours may seem normal for most, but in reality it could cause chronic back or shoulder problems, or neck and eye ailments.
The solution is quite simple and right within your office. Employees must be explained the importance of getting up at regular intervals, stretching a little and engaging in simple neck and eye exercises. They must be discouraged from lifting anything heavy in weight such as a box full of printer paper or any heavy equipment, which could strain or permanently damage their back.
4. Hazards in the Restroom
Overflowing sinks, leaking faucets or other plumbing connections, and water accumulation are some of the dangerous situations that could spring up from any regular bathroom. These conditions are not only unpleasant to sight, but also pose a huge risk of occurrence and spread of diseases. For any healthy office space devoid of such issues, regular cleaning and maintenance are a must.
One simple approach to ensuring that such hazards do not cripple your healthy work environment is creating a health and safety checklist, which is periodically completed by a team within your office or an external agency. Keep updating the list in case any new hazards are discovered.
Tackle these potential hazards with planning and an alert attitude. Conduct safety inspections at regular intervals and never take safety for granted. Any anomaly must be given due attention on priority, lest it might assume unanticipated proportions detrimental to the overall wellbeing of your office space.
Always remember that if your staff feels safe and secure in your office, they deliver better performance. Ensure that your employees are trained about the perils of potential hazards and the immediate action that must be taken if they encounter any, to avoid possible injury.

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