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Ways To Spice Up Your Sex Life

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jIs your relationship in a rut? Have you and your partner started to lose the spark that was once there? Well, have no fear. I am here to help you spice back up your love life and keep it that way.

1. Get busy anywhere but your bed: Try mixing it up. Sometimes having sex only in your bed gets old. Use all of the other rooms in your house. Even consider places outside of home for added naughtiness.

2. Use the past as an aphrodisiac: Taking a stroll down memory lane will help you and your partner to reconnect on a level that you may have not in years. Helping you both to remember what turned you on to each other in the very beginning.

3. Build anticipation: When your partner is away text them, or send racy pictures. Tell them exactly what you want them to do to you when they get home. Then the moment you two see each other will be magical. You can do this from different rooms in the house also.

4. Recreate your first dates: Recreating your first dates is very romantic. You will fall in love all over again, making foreplay super hot!

5. Break your patterns: Foreplay, then sex. That’s how it goes right? Try sex first. Act as if you guys want each other so badly you don’t want to waste time on foreplay. As humans we want to feel loved. The intense sense of desire will boost both of your hormones instantly.

6. Ignore the clock: Stop thinking of sex as a nightly routine. Switch it up and have sex earlier in the day. You’ll both enjoy the change, trust me.

7. Getaway: Go on vacation together. Sometimes the same routine becomes mundane. New atmosphere, new you!

8. Add tasty treats: Adding some of you and your partner’s favorite desserts to the mix helps put a new spin on foreplay.

9. Work out together: Working out release endorphins and other chemicals in your body that allow you to get in the mood more quickly and stay there longer.

10. Talk about your future: This will make the two of you feel closer to one another and allow the intimacy to flow more naturally because of the connection you feel.

Enjoy happy couples!

-Amber O.

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