What to Expect On a Private Plane

Private JetA passenger may find themselves on a private plane for a number of reasons—whether an executive on a fully financed business trip or a private passenger who wants their vacation to start before the plane ever touches the ground. Regardless, the experience is significantly different from what a person would expect from a commercial airliner.

Private Terminals
Private jets are always docked at private terminals. These are much less hectic than commercial airline terminals. Often the jets are also located at private, regional airports that do not require the same type of planning required to enter a busy international airport. In other words, you won’t have to stress about arriving at the airport hours in advance. It’s a very smooth process to get from the ground to the air.
Different Security Protocols
A major difference between commercial and private terminals is that you do not have to deal with the hassle of airport security checkpoints. This comes as a surprise to many first-time passengers who find that it’s surreal to enter a plane without being frisked or having to take off shoes. However, private charters obviously abide by TSA regulations so that people on a no-fly list are still banned from entering a private jet.
Dynamic Plane Interiors
The design of a private jet, like a sleek Lear 85, is a lot different from what you might be used to. The most noticeable difference is that they are designed to be very spacious, with plenty of room to stretch and relax. This may come as a surprise to passengers who have never experienced true luxury seating on a plane before.
More Freedom
A new passenger on a private jet may have to get used to the fact they can move around without as strict rules by plane personnel. You can stand up to stretch or go to the bathroom without being told to go back to your seat, or you can engage in other activities without as much hassle.
Better Facilities
The lavatory will typically be more expanded than what you would expect in a commercial plane, and many lavatory designs in private jets are less cramped, so going to the bathroom doesn’t have to be as uncomfortable of an experience.
Less Noise
Without the massive engines of a Boeing 747 it becomes much easier to communicate with other passengers. In addition, a privately selected group of people allows for a more closely knit experience that does not include the noise and interruptions caused by things like crying babies or unruly passengers. This is excellent for passengers who desire greater amounts of concentration, or have sensitive business details to discuss during their flight.
Shorter Flight Times
Between the speed of private jets and the almost complete absence of major causes of flight delay, hours and hours are shaved from a traditional flight. This allows much more accurate scheduling, especially if an executive must arrive in a timely fashion to their next destination.
More Expensive
There is no way around the fact that a private jet is going to cost significantly more than a commercial airliner. The most affordable private jets in the industry are the older models such as the Lear 35. The prices of chartering such jets may be as low as $2,000 per hour, while newer jets often range from $3,500 to as much as $5,000 per hour.
In Summary
Chartering a private jet is a different experience from a commercial airliner. For many executives and affluent travelers it’s the ultimate way to travel. The accommodations alone are enough to make the experience into part of a dynamic vacation, while the utilitarian speed sometimes makes a private jet a necessity rather then a luxury.
Alexander Cohen offers worldwide private flight reservations and is an international jet charter expert. He has been representing clients in the marketplace for over 10 years and specializes in chartering private jets to an from London, UK.

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