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What's Your Autumn Colors for Fall 2012????

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Designers like Dior have included many neutral colors including creamy rose smoke, apricot creams and crème Brûlées in their collections to balance out typical FALL bold colors. Knitwear is a timeless addition to be added to any trend in any season.  It’s a perfect item of clothing for pulling off the vintage look: something we have all been craving this year. Wearing these knitted items in those rich colors could become an accessory to a predominant neutral outfit of golds and taupes. By simply adding accessories to the darker shades you can run the risk of the outfit wearing you, not you wearing the outfit.
In terms of the workplace, those knitted items can add quite a preppy feel to an outfit; which is a comfortable variation of professional work-wear. One of the big trends this season is geek chic. So a button down cardigan will be suitable for work.
The neo-gothic fashion trend is hitting the stores this year. If you were thinking of going for over-use of dark colors then this could be the trend for you, however, you have been warned: going all dark WILL pale you out! Be sure to use bold lip colors and bright accessories to lessen the blow.

Thinking of pulling off the androgynous styles? Well, it has become somewhat of a go-to for sophisticated women and adds a classy feel to an outfit. Of course, you would have to comfortable with padding, women’s blazers and over-tailored clothing, and this look would be perfect for strutting your stuff around the office.

Try to buy your accessories in those darker hues so as to add only a hint of that powerful color. While brighter colors such as coral, bright chartreuse and ultramarine green can be seen during the Winter, the darker shades definitely dominate the collections and you can already see from store fronts that it’s a very gothic and edgy season ahead.

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