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World’s Most Expensive Champagne by Champagne De Watère

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champagne_de_watre_bearing_a_diamond_and_24k_gold_coin_is_worlds_most_expensive_champagne_at_45300_ld8shMany of the top champagne brands out there just met a new competitor with the latest addition in the De Watère family. With a 1 ct diamond in the middle of the 24K gold coin that is embossed on this bottle it is definitely fit for a king, executive or anybody with the right pocket book.
A Gold foil that it is wrapped in helps you have a great memory of class and sophistication, luxury and more as you get to the good stuff underneath.
Coming in at $45,300 this is the world’s most expensive champagne and it will likely be a very special treat even for those who can more than afford this. A handmade wood case from Bavaria, Germany will ensure that your bottle arrives safely and in style. We recommend checking out this Champagne if you can and please share your thoughts on this bottle and any experiences you may have with it as well in the comments below.

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