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10 Smart Tips to Have A Fun and Satisfying First Date

For some people, first date is an exciting but scary moment. Most of them become nervous in the time of their first date, and that will clearly destroy the fun. If you want to have fun in your first date, here are 10 tips to have fun and satisfying first date:

1. Choose a unique and fun dating place

You don’t need to go to a usual restaurant on your first date. You can choose to go to fun places where you can have fun with your partner, such as zoo, recreational spots, museum, beach, and so on. Make sure that you and your partner like the place.

2. Playing small game

You and your partner can play a small game in your first date. It won’t be difficult for you to choose a good game for your first date. Just make sure it is fun and both of you can participate in the game.

3. Have fun conversation

You can just sit together with your partner and talk about anything that will help you to know better about your partner. Sometimes, you need to throw some jokes and make your partner to laugh a little.

4. Wear stylish apparel

Your first date will not be fun if you wear too formal apparel. If you want this first date romantic, make sure to wear elegant apparel. But, if you want to make it fun, wear stylish apparel. This will help to lift your mood.

5. Make your partner feel comfortable

Your first date will be fun if you can make your partner feel comfortable hanging out with you. So, make her feel good and enjoy the moment. Read her body language and keep her to enjoy the time with you.

6. Smile and flirt jokingly

You don’t need to make your first date too stressing. Smile a lot when you talk to your dating partner and flirt with her jokingly sometimes. It’s a fun way to go through the first date and keep the mood high.

7. Prepare the date together

You don’t need to go somewhere else in your first date. You can prepare your first date together with your partner and you can do it in your home or your partner’s home. You can prepare things together with your partner. That would be fun.

8. Doing some sports

You can ask your partner to do some little sports with you, like bowling, mini golf, basket, tennis, and so on depending on you and your partner’s interest. Not only it will be fun, it will strengthen your bond with your partner.

9. Karaoke

Karaoke is a popular first date idea that will make your first date fun. Singing together with your partner and compliment your partner for her brilliant voice will make the moment fun for both of you.

10. Surprise gift

Prepare a surprise gift for your partner and give it to her in the middle of your first date. Look how your partner reacts with your gift. It is surely fun to see her eyes filled with excitement. The best part is when you ask her: “do you like it?” Of course you have to know her special interest beforehand so that you can give her a special gift.

So, are you ready to have fun in your first date? Those tips will help you to feel the fun in your first date.

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