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Five Big Pieces to the Gym Puzzle: How Not to Fail

Gym time. This can be a dreaded time for many or an amazing time for others. It all depends on the person who is going, trying to go or thinking about going to the gym. There are plenty of consistent gym-goers just as there are plenty of inconsistent gym-goers.

It’s difficult for some to start up the process of exercising but maybe even harder for most to keep it going. For those who are able to go to the gym regularly may still become unhappy with the results, but the reality may be that they are not trained in proper techniques or simply didn’t receive any pieces of advice to help them along.

There are definitely parts to the gym process that could help some keep along their targeted path.


Cardio is a very important part to working out at the gym, although, some make a mistake of doing just cardio. Cardio will help gym-goers lose body fat, but just cardio could lead to decreased muscle mass and metabolism. For this reason, strength training should always accompany cardio. Also a tip for cardio: the heart must sustain a high enough heart rate level to make it the most effective. If the movement is too slow, there will be no results.


Going to the gym must be challenging. No matter what a gym-goer does, there must be resistance. Resistance in weights. Resistance in movement. Just moving through the motions won’t do much for a body.  Once the resistance is comfortable, pushing harder is the next move. Stay out of the body’s comfort zone. If it’s easy, then it’s not doing anything for muscles or any other parts of the body.


Just as with most activities, distractions are never helpful. While going to the gym that is what should be focused on. Running, stretching, exercising. If there is socializing, texting, reading, talking on the phone, then there is no exercising. Focus on being healthy. Focus on the body’s movements. Everything else can wait until the gym doors close.


There must be consistency in gym visits. Twice this week, once next month and nothing in between will not produce any results. Consistent visits will help keep the body in a routine and help the healthy process continue. Not being consistent will only mean the process will start over and again every time the visit resume. Pick a time, be consistent and keep it going.


Have a plan. It’s the same as having a goal. No plan. No goals. This is not the way to work out at the gym. It’s better to know what direction to be traveling, what weight to be lost or gained, which machines will get the best results, how many times a week, what part of the bodies to work on and so on. The answers to these questions keep gym-goers on task and focusing.

Final Thoughts

The gym is a great place to get the exercise that is needed while maintaining a healthy lifestyle; but if a busy person has to work harder to make the time to visit the gym, he or she should do the best they can to get the most out of the time there. Keep these pieces to the Gym Puzzle together and anyone can get a great-feeling, productive workout every time.


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