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5 Outdoor Date Ideas for Enjoying Autumn

Outdoor Date

With its crisp air, cool temperatures, and dramatic foliage, it’s easy to see how fall provides the perfect environment for connecting with your sweetheart. Consider these five outdoor date ideas for enjoying autumn.

1. Take a Stroll

Spend time ambling through nature to take in the local seasonal changes. This is one of the best times of the year to catch some sun, and spending 15 minutes in sunlight can improve your mood. Get some exercise, boost your mood, admire the scenery, and get lost in conversation on an autumn walk.

2. Go Leaf Peeping

The viewing of fall foliage, an activity called “leaf peeping” in the US and Canada, is one of the best outdoor date ideas for enjoying autumn. In the US, leaf peepers commonly flock to New England, Appalachia, and the upper Midwest to admire the changing leaves.

A mountain vacation makes it easy to view the colorful landscape. Follow sensible travel tips for the ultimate mountain vacation this fall, and bring a camera to capture the memories.

3. Go Apple Picking

Go apple picking to enjoy an old-fashioned fall activity with undeniable charm. Late September to early October is the peak time for fresh apples. At the end of your lighthearted outing in the orchard, you’ll have plenty of apples to use in your favorite recipes, whether you like making apple pie, apple cobbler, or apple cider.

4. Have a Picnic

Enjoy delicious food, a beautiful atmosphere, and the best company on a romantic fall picnic. Make the meal as relaxed or elegant as you like with cozy blankets and seasonal foods. And if you’ve gone apple picking, consider bringing your apple goodies along!

5. Visit a Pumpkin Patch

For an adorable date, visit a pumpkin patch with your significant other. Pumpkin patch owners often transform their plots of land into family-friendly autumnal wonderlands. If you like, consider going on a hayride or navigating a corn maze together before you pick out your pumpkins.

When you get home, carve your pumpkins either in a friendly competition or simply in a shared activity. Use the insides of the pumpkin to create flavorful stews or roast the pumpkin seeds for a tasty and nutritious snack.

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