How the Sun can Improve Your Mood

How The Sun Can Improve Your Mood

One of the most important things you can do to improve your mood is to make sure you get enough sunlight. If you often feel down and want to change that, then you need to make this a priority. When the sun shines in the retina, it makes the your serotonin release.  This is the hormone that makes you feel happy.  You will feel improvements not only on the day you are out in the sun but for days afterward.

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Just A Few Minutes Of Sun A Few Days A Week Makes A Difference

You don’t need to go out in the sun every day to improve your mood, but just fifteen or so minutes in the sunlight a few days of the week will make a big difference. Be proactive about getting some sun and plan for getting out on the days when the weather will be nicest. Spend some time sitting or walking in the sunshine, and you will be amazed at how your mood can benefit from it.

How the Sun can Improve Your Mood

Be Smart About When You Go Out

Even though the sun is good for your mood, you will want to be careful about when you go out so that it won’t negatively affect your health in other ways. Stay out of the direct sunlight in the heat of the afternoon so you won’t get burned from it. Don’t go out for long periods, but spend ten or fifteen minutes in the sunlight at a time to give your mood a quick boost.

A Few Fun Things You Can Do To Get More Time In The Sun:

• Go hiking at your favorite park on a sunny day.
• Get a lawn chair and relax outside with a good book or drink.
• Start participating in some kind of outdoor sports. The exercise combined with the sun will be good for the body and mind.

When you want to be in your best mood, you need to get enough sunshine. Find something that you enjoy doing outside and get out for at least a few minutes a few times a week, and you will feel great.

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