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Interview with K. Michelle’s Stylist Kendrell

Interview with Celebrity Stylist Kendrell

What made you want to become a stylist? How did you get your start?

I’ve always loved fashion and clothes! Ever since I was in elementary school my favorite time of the year was Back to School Shopping. I wasn’t that Big on toys, just clothes and shoes. I got my start out at styling when I worked at Louis Vuitton. I had a lot of celebrity clients and worked with celebrity stylists there. I would select the best outfits for them with the collection and decided I can do this outside the retail environment.


What is your typical day like?

I wear many different hats in my day. Since I run my own company I’m in charge of everything. I wake up send and reply to emails. Contact showrooms and designers while I’m out doing pulls or returns. I’ll find time for at least an hour to go to the gym, maybe a fitting with a client, meet with the tailor. Then eat at the end of my day! It’s A LOT!!

How would you describe Lauriana’s style, K. Michelle, & David Banner?

Each of their style is so different, but each of them likes to be trendsetters. I call Lauriana Mae my Vintage Modern Barbie. I always try to make her look classy, sexy but with a vintage edge with a modern twist. K.Michelle is my sex kitten. Very Curvaceous and not scared to show her femininity in a tasteful way. David Banner wears so many different hats than just a successful rap artist. So I try to switch his looks from a GQ Classic look to an “Urban Feel.”


If you could choose any celebrity living or dead to “make-over” who would it be and why?

I would choose Phyllis Hyman. I have this crazy obsession with Phyllis. She had this 6 foot statuesque frame and embodied grace, confidence and sex appeal. All of those elements can bring any outfit to life easily!


Is there one look or outfit that you styled that you would consider your most favorite?

I have two outfits that’s my most favorite. The first music video that I did with K.Michelle “Fallin” she wore this 20 pound corset by The Blondes. I loved this look, but the video didn’t really showcase the beauty of it. My second favorite is the promo photos I’ve done with Lauriana Mae. This was the first time that I was in my element of luxury. My background comes from Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga so she’s on my radar!

What’s the biggest challenge when styling a celebrity?

The biggest challenge that I’ve faced is trying to please everyone while keeping my vision alive. The outside world doesn’t realize what all goes into one outfit. It’s not just the stylist and the artist. Many cooks are in the kitchen: the client, the managers, the record labels and the stylist. So when I have all these opinions at times it can get annoying.

Have you ever had a designer who refused to send you clothes?

Yes, if they feel that the client isn’t for their brand.

June Ambrose is coming out with her own TV show Styled By June. Would you ever want to have your own styling show? What would make your show different if you did have one?

If I had a styling show I would want it to be very real. I think mine would be different because I would show the sacrifices that I’ve made to complete a job. I’ll show the real situations that can happen when you’re on a fitting or at showrooms. I think some shows that are out just to show all of the glam even though I watch all of those shows too!!


Who in your opinion has flawless style?

I think Victoria Beckham style is impeccable.


Name your three favorite shopping destinations?

Milan, Italy and NYC.

Name three items no woman should have in her closet.

UGGS, UGGS and Tennis Shoes (unless for the gym).

Any future projects you want to plug or share with our readers?

I’m in the process of working with a few athletes which is exciting. Make sure you check out Atlantic Records Artist Lauriana Mae and be sure to check out my website which will be updated soon


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