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Ways To Encourage Healthy Behaviors in Your Kids

healthy kids
Two kids making salad, cooking the vegetables. Isolated on white

How to Have Healthy Kids

Kids typically don’t know what’s best for them: they emulate what they see you doing or what they see on the television or the internet. Because they are so impressionable, you need to know ways to encourage healthy behaviors in your kids. Give them the tools to learn how to make beneficial life choices and teach them how they can take care of themselves when on their own.

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Discuss What It Means To Live Healthily

Begin with discussing what it means to live a healthy life and some simple ways to achieve that. This discussion can take many forms, and you’ll need to adapt it to the age of your child and their level of understanding.

Get Them Invested in the Talk

Ask your kids what it means to live healthily and clear up any misunderstandings they have. You can also offer them basic solutions to break a sedentary lifestyle, such as going out for walks or playing sports with friends.

Provide Them Healthy Food Options

Chances are that your children aren’t making themselves food; or, if they are, it’s nothing good. You need to go the extra mile to provide them with healthy food options and snack alternatives to show them they don’t need to default to chips and soda.

healthy kids
Two kids making salad, cooking the vegetables.

Let Them Help You Cook

Whether five or fifteen years old, your kids will gravitate towards easy-access and easy-to-make foods when left to their own devices. They may not have the knowledge or confidence to cook. This makes it important to teach them the basics of the kitchen so that you can have healthy kids.

Once you teach them how they can make a few healthy meals for themselves, they’ll start cooking independently without you having to poke and prod them.

Do as I Do

Your kids are far more perceptive than you may give them credit for; children and teenagers are very adept at picking up on logical incongruities. If you tell them they need to exercise while you’re sitting on the couch, they’ll make a note of that and emulate your behavior. When you’re looking at ways to encourage your kids to adopt healthier habits, you should lead an example for them to follow. It’s not enough to say living healthily is better: you need to prove it to them.


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