Top Reasons To Take a DNA Test

For as long as we’ve been able to test and sequence DNA, people have been curious about what’s in their genetic code. From ethnicity to paternity and everywhere in between, your DNA says a lot about you. Here are some of the top reasons to take a DNA test; knowledge is power!

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Establish Paternity

One popular reason to get a DNA test is to confirm your child’s paternity. This is often helpful to ensure that your child can receive benefits (like life insurance and Social Security) as well as any inheritance through their father.

Learn About Your Background

Many people are eager to learn more about their ethnic background through at-home tests like 23andMe, performed by swabbing the inside of your cheek and sending it off to the testing facility. It’s interesting to find out more about your roots—maybe you’ve got Czech or Japanese ancestry you didn’t know about!

Find Family

Maybe you’re not closely connected to your biological family or you want to trace your genealogy further. Autosomal DNA testing can help you confirm ancestry five or six generations back. Many people who were adopted take tests like these to learn more about where their genes came from.

DNA testDisease Susceptibility

Your genes dictate which diseases may run in your family and which health issues are common in people with your ethnic background. Many expecting parents take DNA tests to learn what they may pass on to their child. Getting your genes tested is extremely helpful to your health, whether or not you plan to have children. You may even find allergies you didn’t know about—knowing what’s up with your body can help your doctor treat it!

Forensic Science in DNA Test

A simple cheek swab can help you prove your innocence if you’re ever involved in a criminal case. In some cases, your DNA can also help police find someone they may be looking for—they could be your third or fourth cousin!

Taking a DNA test is helpful for you, but your genes can also help those around you. Take these top reasons to take a DNA test as encouragement to find out more about yourself!


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