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How to Increase Social Media Traffic

One of the most disturbing challenges to people interested in developing WordPress websites and blogs has always been how to increase social media traffic to their sites. This desire is greatly driven by the increasing popularity of the social networking sites all over the world. Consequently, the information I offer here can be used all over the world to achieve amazing results.

  • AddThis Plugin – I have been able to observe the major aspect of my WordPress websites which is attracting any of my readers and customers by the use of AddThis analytics. Through this free plugin I am able to carry out extensive and conclusive examination as to where each of my readers is accessing my websites and blogs from.
  • Simple Share Plugin – Another perfect example is through Simple Share which moves over to the left of the screen immediately any of my readers starts using my website. The Simple Share free plugin scrolls down or up with my readers thus being constantly available and allures my readers to share this with their friends from the moment they start reading all the way down.

Thus at the point that the reader finds the material or post interesting he or she can share with others. The readers do not have to scroll all the way down for the sharing buttons. It is always in view especially where I have installed the Simple Share free plugin on any of my WordPress websites and blogs. This has definitely attracted and helped increase social media traffic to my website.

  • Follow Me Plugin – At times your website may not have widget supported themes which thus hinder you from being able to install some free plugins such as Follow Me. However, this has never discouraged me from installing them as these free plugins solves this problem quite remarkably. Simply copy and paste this code to any part of your website and you are done.

How to Increase Social Media Traffic Through Free Plugins

The knowledge that I can either stick the free plugin widget on a specific location within my website in addition to being able to have it move along any page of website or blog is quite helpful. It helps drive social media traffic to my website. I can stick this widget on the left or right side of my website as well as top or bottom of each page.

WordPress websites and blogs have one advantage which other models lack and this is the availability of several options in terms of locations where I can locate my widget. Once I select the particular spot I consider most appropriate for use and installation of the particular widget from any of the free plugins, I can then proceed to install it. As Ralph Waldo so aptly stated, genius always finds itself a century too early. Start using these plugins and discover how you will be considered a genius by your readers.

Most Effective Free Plugins to Increase Social Media Traffic

As I have repeatedly said and mentioned several times, I consider some twelve free plugins as the best and most effective as at the year 2012 to increase social media traffic. These are the free plugins that have helped me over a period of time to drive huge social media traffic onto my WordPress websites and blogs.

The free plugins I have listed as the most effective  plugin  have buttons for  social networking sites such as Facebook Like, Google +1, Twitter and LinkedIn just to mention a few.

Recommended Picks for 2012

This comprehensive list of the most effective free plugins I have used to increase social media traffic to my WordPress Genesis theme website and they include :

  • GetSocial, Socialize, Social Media Tabs,
  • Facebook Like Bar, Share Bar, Simple Share,
  • AddThis, AddToAny, Sexy Bookmarks,
  • Tweeter Streamer, Follow Me and Digg Digg.

As Napoleon said, action is the real measure of intelligence. Act on this. The plugins fall within the list of the recommended picks for 2012 and can be used with a better understanding of StudioPress Review.

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