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What Area of San Diego Suits Your Personality Best?

San Diego is a wide, sprawling city and county, filled with an expansive landscape of hills, beaches, and forests. San Diego real estate remains a lucrative business as just about everyone wants to move out here.

Whether you’re looking for Eastlake homes for sale or Mission Beach real estate, San Diego is a wonderful place to live. But what area will suit your personality best?

Just Out of School

For those just graduated and trying to make it in the world, La Jolla makes a great place to live. Home to UC San Diego, La Jolla is filled with young, eager minds exploring greater education, making it a great transitional area for any recent graduates.

A hilly seaside resort community situated just along San Diego’s northern city limits, La Jolla is well-deserving of its nickname: the Jewel City. Along with the young, college-aged population, La Jolla features a splendid downtown area, filled with unique, boutique shops and tasty, local dining, and you can’t forget the city’s picturesque beaches.

The town is in close proximity to several of San Diego’s most famous attractions, like SeaWorld, Legoland, the San Diego Zoo, and the San Diego Wild Animal Park. Pacific Beach, one of the main centers of nightlife in San Diego, is just south of La Jolla, giving you a quick escape during nights and weekends.

Finding Variety Downtown

Downtown San Diego is just as variegated as the whole county. Each neighborhood has something different to offer. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the most popular parts of downtown:

  • Little Italy presents a distinct old-world charm. Filled with fountains, sidewalk cafes, and views of the harbor, Little Italy supports a sense of community within its unique European design.
  • The historic Gaslamp District is the heart of the city and features tons of unique bars, nightclubs, and restaurants along with seasonal celebrations and festivals.
  • East Village is quickly becoming a parallel to Greenwich Village in New York. The neighborhood offers unique wine bars, restaurants, and new, expanding art galleries.
  • Banker’s Hill was an early upscale neighborhood of the growing city and currently features a well-established, refined community that is just a stone’s throw from Balboa Park.

The Quiet Life

Those wanting to live a more quiet life don’t need to look very far. Julian is a quaint town that gives locals and tourists a taste of the rural, mountain lifestyle. Instead of beach and palm trees, you’ll be greeted by fresh pine forests and mountain air.

The town is a popular tourist attraction, gaining fame for its apple crops. Pies and ciders made from Julian’s apples are especially popular. If you’re looking for a slower, quieter way of life, Julian might just be the place for you.

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