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Make Your Photography More Popular With Twitter

Twitter is underused by photographers, at least compared to Facebook. That’s because as a photographer, getting followers on Twitter is harder that getting friends on Facebook – with the latter, searching, finding and adding friends is fast and easy. The same cannot be said of Twitter.

Why Use Twitter?

Despite the difficulties of getting followers on Twitter – getting the first 100 will be a challenge – it’s still well worth using the popular social network. Here are several reasons why:

  • Twitter is an effective branding and marketing platform that can quickly spread the word about your work to the right people.

  • Twitter is viral – good posts that are retweeted can bring you tens of new followers in just one day.

  • Twitter has a bustling community of photographers. Becoming a part of that community can be professionally rewarding, as well as great fun.

  • Your tweets can be exposed to potential clients, securing you new commissions; or to like-minded photographers, helping you start new collaborations.

Building a Twitter Following More Quickly

The truth is that unless you’re a popular photographer already, building a Twitter following is going to be a gradual process that will take months. The good thing is, however, that building a following is not necessarily hard work. All you have to do is come up with interesting posts. These will be retweeted, and in time followers will flock to you.

When building a following, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I want to use Twitter for business or personal purposes? Or do I want to use it for both?

As a photographer whose business is called ‘Your-name-here Photography,’ you will probably want to focus on posting mostly business-related tweets. Every once in a while you can post personal ones as well. On the other hand, if you tweet under the name of your photography studio, you should focus entirely on business posts – personal posts will look out of place.

  • Do I want to link to other photos or just to my work?

Being selfish usually makes it harder to build a Twitter following quickly. That’s because when you tweet a post with a link to a great photo the chances are high that your tweet will get retweeted. That being said, your focus should always be on your own work; links to other photos should come only second.

Tips For Better Tweets

There are two tricks you need to know when writing photography-related tweets:

  • Use the twitter account name of the photographers, studious, or tools you mention in your tweets. For example, instead of ‘Check out the fantastic portfolio of black & white photographer Jamie Colt at http://…’ use instead @JamieColt. The tweet will now appear in the feed of Jamie Colt, who may himself see it.

  • Add hash tags (keywords) to tweets to make them more visible. Popular hash tags for photography-related tweets are #photog and #togs. People will be more likely to discover tweets with hash tags.

In conclusion, think of Twitter as a powerful tool for promoting your photography and do your best to build a following – you’ll be pleasantly impressed with the results.



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