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6 Fun Uses for Promotional Drinkware

Promotional coffee mugs and other drinkware have been given away to customers for decades. These versatile items can be used in many different ways, which makes it likely that they will be kept around for years. What’s more, drinking mugs, bottles and other accessories are ideal to print your logo on, because they have ample space and a lot of options in terms of colors. You can also get these pieces for affordable prices, so they can serve an important advertising purpose without breaking the bank.

Here are six ways and scenarios where customers can make good use of your promotional drinkware.


 1.      Tailgate Parties

Whether your customers are fans of sports or spend a lot of time going to concerts, tailgate parties practically necessitate water bottles filled with beer, soda or water. Your customers can bring your company’s custom water bottles to the big game or show, where they can make good use of them and expose your logo to many other fun seekers. 


 2.      Camping

Water bottles also come in handy during a group camping trip. It’s important to stay hydrated during hikes, canoe expeditions and other activities that are done outdoors. Luckily for your company, when a client is using your water bottle around a group of their friends, your business could be getting exposure.

3.      The Health Club

If there is one thing we all need while working out, it is an ample supply of water. Make it easy for your customers to drink as much as possible by supplying them with your company’s water bottle. The best part is that other fitness conscious people may notice your insignia and shop with you later on.


 4.      After Dinner Coffee and Dessert

When a customer has a dinner party, there is a good chance that he or she will offer guests dessert and a warm beverage before sending them off into the night. When a houseful of friends or family are around, it may be time for the host to break out your company’s promotional coffee mugs to accommodate the crowd. This is a great opportunity to subtly advertise without even lifting a finger.


 5.      Containing Beverages at Work

Both coffee mugs and water bottles are the perfect items for clients to tote with them to work. They can keep hot or cold beverages by their sides all day long to keep hydrated and alert. Co-workers may see your company product advertised on this drinkware.


 6.      Holding Other Items in a Workspace

Who says mugs have to hold liquids? These promotional superstars are also great for corralling pens, candy and other items at the office.

To purchase personalized water bottles, coffee mugs and other promotional pieces for advertising, search online today.

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