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Top 5 Dinner Ideas That Will Earn You Serious Romance Kudos!

Looking at your partner over a beautifully laid dinner table with a glass of your favourite wine and a delicious meal is always a romantic moment. But it is much more romantic when your partner has not had to prepare the meal and is revelling in this pampering gesture.


Ingredients Matter

Obviously, any gesture expressing love will be appreciated but if you are planning to cook your loved one a meal to show just how much you care, do not serve up something thrown together. Take your time and make the effort to source locally produced ingredients that will be super fresh and top quality as well as being in season.


When you have planned your menu, visit a local <b>wine supplier</b> to pick the perfect accompaniment to your chosen dishes.


A Themed Dinner

Many regions of the world are renowned for romantic food and famous dishes, so a dinner with a geographical theme can transport your loved one away for an evening. Italian bistro food and French cuisine are both excellent examples, so consider sitting down to a dinner that has a Tuscan or Parisian feel.


Food to Share

Some foods were just made for sharing and can add a seductive element to any dinner. If you share a fondue your hands can touch, your eyes meet and you can feed each other tempting morsels. This kind of food can make for a fun evening full of sensual promise. Eating is a social occasion and so food designed to be passed between diners is always a good choice. Finger food that can be picked up and eaten and meze dishes are always popular. Few could resist ending a meal by being offered strawberries dipped in chocolate from their partner’s own hand.


Food for Naughty Thoughts

If you are planning a romantic meal, then why not try out some of the infamous foods said to have aphrodisiac properties? Oysters, hot chillies, asparagus, avocado, pomegranate, vanilla and even red wine are all said to provide a boost to people’s sex drive. Your loved one is certain to feel special and thoroughly spoiled, especially if they are presented with a glass of crisp, chilled champagne to wash these naughty ingredients down with.


Presentation is Everything

Even a simple meal can be made into a special evening if plenty of effort is put into the presentation. Dining al fresco is always a treat and setting candles and lights about the garden will make the night even more magical. If you are dining indoors, make sure the room is nice and warm and the lights are turned down low. Use plenty of mood-setting candles, perhaps choosing some that are scented as long as they are not overpowering.


Pay attention to table settings and try and make the table look attractive by adding runners and matching napkins or some flowers. Make sure cutlery and glasses are sparkling and plates are spotlessly clean. Choose your music carefully – something slow and romantic that you and your partner both like should be able to set the mood for the occasion.

This guest post was written on behalf of Vivas Wine.

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