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A Five Minute Emergency Hair Job

Every woman wants to look their best and an unkempt hair-do can certainly make anyone appear frazzled or tired. Some hair problems could also have an unattractive aging effect. When hair problems suddenly arise it may be necessary to find some fast solutions. A quick-fix for problem hair can often be found among the items stored in a cosmetic bag.

An individual’s perfect hair style is subject to the whims of the sun, rain and wind. A trip to the gym or an outdoor run will often result in damp, limp hair strands that are difficult to deal with. Instead of fretting about the problem with your appearance why not solve your hair issues in a matter of minutes?

Style with a Twist

To add instant elegance to unruly hair secure those strands with a rubber band. Wrap the hair in a twist so that the result resembles a French twist at the back of the head. There is no need to be exact with this hair-fix and it even appears more charmingly feminine when a few wisps of hair are allowed to escape. Barrettes, hair clips or bobby pins will keep this style in place.

Flipping Out

Create a normal pony-tail and then give the hair an inverted flip. The result is much more attractive and interesting than that ordinary pony-tail.

Go Beyond the Basic Grooming Tools

A small hairbrush and a comb are fundamental grooming aids for both men and women. In order to be prepared for a hair emergency there are some other items that should be tucked into cosmetic bags. A scarf can be used to cover the head or a person can simply fashion the fabric into a colorful headband.

There are combs with elongated handles that are more popularly known as “rat-tail combs”. These can be used to back-comb hair when more volume is desired.

A cuticle stick can be useful when someone wants to create precise, zig-zag parts in a hair-style.

Clip a dangling earring to that bobby pin being used to secure unruly bangs. This is an instant fix that can change a drab hairstyle into a dramatic look.

An eyelash curler can give those wispy sideburns a sassy lift. Spritz the strands of hair with a bit of styling gel or water before curling for the best results.

Quick Fixes for Hair

When hair is a little too oily it is easy to solve the problem with a light dusting of powder. People with light colored hair can apply a little translucent facial powder, cornstarch or baby powder to the hair roots. Use a soft make-up brush to dust the powder along the surface of the scalp to avoid creating powdery clumps. For those whose hair is a brunette shade try using a powdered bronzer instead of translucent face powder.

To create a sleek and simple hair style a wide headband is a quick “go-to” fix. Keep at least one headband on hand to use when necessary. A headband made of stretchy knit material is another option that can be stored in a cosmetic bag.

Spritz hands with a bit of water and add a drop of fragrant body lotion. Rub both hands gently over the hair from front to back when ‘frizzy hair’ needs to be tamed

A few hairpins and some sassy hair clips will not take up much space even if an individual is using one of the smallest cosmetic bags. These hair accessories can be used to create a simple up-do in less than 5 minutes.


There are a number of quick and easy tips that can deliver a fast solution for those annoying “bad hair” moments. Just remember to pack a few of these small hair grooming essentials into a cosmetic bag before leaving home.

Paula Jones writes for several online beauty sites. She also has been in the beauty business for over thirty years.

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