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Information about the Actos Lawsuit

Though the information about the Actos lawsuit is all that many consumers can think about while using the medication, it is also important to know information that can prevent these side effects from getting…well…out of hand. The Actos lawsuit is the general term used to describe when a lawsuit is filed because the use of Actos has led to bladder cancer. The following are the actual guidelines to be aware of while taking the drug.

Actos Dosage

The medication should be taken in the correct dosage amounts; otherwise it is possible to notice severe side effects such as heart failure, heart attacks, kidney failure, muscle deterioration, or bladder cancer. It is advised to take Actos only once time a day. The medication is given as a tablet and the doses are either in 7.5 mg, 15 mg, 30 mg, or 45 mg. It is advised by the doctor on the amount that should be taken, and this can prevent over dosage. Doctors are really the only ones who can be positive on just the right amount of Actos. Doctors will use things like health history or blood sugar levels to prescribe the correct personal dosage of Actos.

Actos Drug Interaction

When consuming a drug, it is much recommended to be knowledgeable about the possible drug interactions. Actos does have some precautions about drug interaction, and many healthcare providers can give you the needed information about this. If you are taking one or more other drugs, it is important to inform your doctor about this situation so that they can determine if this will be harmful to your body or not. Again, this is one way to prevent side effects that were issued in the Actos Lawsuit.


Users planning on taking the Actos pill are recommended to talk to their doctor before intake. This is because many of the patients are unaware of where they stand on a healthy basis, and it needs to be ensured that the drug will not result in harm such as the side effects that were involved in the lawsuit. It is important to be familiar with personal allergies, or medical history such as heart problems. If there is a history of strokes or even liver problems, consumers should rethink the intake of Actos.

Where should I find Actos?

It is recommended to get Actos through your healthcare provider. They are the ones who can interpret your health standpoint the best, and they will be sure to prescribe you the correct dosage amount suitable for your body.

What are the possible health risks of taking Actos?

  1. One very large risk is liver damage. This drug can lead to damage that can need a transplant, or if worse comes to worse, this can result in death.
  2. Another risk is that the blood sugar of the patient can decrease at a regular amount. This can impact those whom suffer from low blood sugar, and many times, this person may notice fainting.
  3. Ovulation may occur in women. This can heighten the risk of pregnancy. It is recommended during this time to use condoms while having intercourse.
  4. Weight problems may be more prominent as well. Consumers may notice some weight gain, and water retention is possible as well.
  5. Blindness has been observed as well while using this medication. An eye doctor discovered 30 cases where thiazolidione medications resulted in mascular edema, which makes the retina swell and causes blindness. The swelling often will be there for a long period of time.
  6. Allergic reactions may also be triggered from this drug.

Winning Your Actos Lawsuit

Good information about the Actos lawsuit is that your winning a case depends on how good your attorney is. With a good person representing you, you should expect compensation for various things, some of which are loss of income, past and future medical expenses, emotional distress, pain and suffering, and the inability to enjoy life. You should hire attorneys who have experience filing successful suits against pharmaceutical entities or corporations; or with experience in the medical law field.

Whenever using this drug, it is best to consult your physician first. These side effects as well as the dosages may require the knowledge of a healthcare provider, and this information about the Actos Lawsuit can as well help you in making your decision about this drug.

If you or a loved one have taken Actos and want to participate in the Actos Lawsuit to seek compensation for your medical bills or pain and suffering, Click Here to learn more and get started today.

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