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I Was Thrilled To Find Some Gorgeous Hardwood Flooring

By Shaun N. Zuehlke

I grew up in a house that had some gorgeous hardwood flooring, so when I was finally able to afford my own house, I wanted to find one that had similar floors. But in my searching, I was disappointed to find that the homes that I really liked did not have hard wood floors, and the houses that did have wood flooring did not have a lot of the other features I was looking for. After some internal struggle, I finally determined that I could have the best of both worlds by buying a house with the right floor plan, then having a wood floor put in.

I found my nearly perfect house, put in an offer, and when I finally had the keys, I knew that it was time to have the floors redone. However, when the time came, I found that I had no idea where to look or who to talk to, to find some good hardwood flooring. I had just assumed that I could call someone and have it installed, but the cost of the flooring was quite excessive, and I knew that I would not be able to see all the different floor options.

I spent several hours driving around to different stores in town, and some of them had some flooring that I liked, but I wasn’t totally satisfied, so I went home and looked online to see what else there was. While I was doing this, I found a website that not only had an unbelievably wide variety of wood floors, but had very reasonable prices that appealed to me.

I looked at all of the various options and read about their pros and cons, and after much deliberation, I settled on a wood floor made by Bruce Flooring that I knew would look amazing in my new house, and I placed my order. When it arrived, I hired a friend of mine who was a contractor to come by and install it with me, which went rather well and soon enough I had a brand new floor that I was quite proud of.

Once I had everything set up in my new house exactly the way I wanted it, I invited some friends and family over for a party to show off my new home. While everyone was there, I received a barrage of compliments on my new wood floor, and several people wanted to know where I had ordered it from, which I happily told them. Over time, I became very happy in my house, and it definitely started to feel like home, and a big factor of this was having some amazing wood flooring.

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