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3 Extreme Organizational Practices for the Neat Freak in You

Let’s all be honest, we all have a little bit of a neat freak in us at some time in our lives. People tend to like things neat and organized and clean, and it’s actually proven to lead to better productivity all around in our lives if we stay that way.

But there’s a little such thing as OCD when it comes to cleaning, or compulsive cleaning, or extreme cleaning – call it what you may. And while some of these peoples’ practices may make sense to some, most of us are just plain confused as to what these people do and why they do it. Here are 4 extreme habits of obsessive compulsive neat freaks, why they practice these methods and why you might consider adopting the same techniques someday.

Daily To-Do Lists Created in Advance

It’s generally a good idea for people to have to-do lists – they keep us focused and on-task throughout our days or weeks. But for the neat freaks of the world, these lists are made well in advance of the actual day, and well in advance of any actual mess that has yet to be made in your home or your office.

It’s one thing to have a weekly “assignment” calendar outlining who in the house or the office does what on what day and when, but it’s another thing entirely to schedule different chores based on specific cleaning needs weeks or even months in advance. But neat freaks need to anticipate the messes so that they can anticipate the excitement of cleaning them up and avoid the anxiety of ever having to deal with them.

Should you adopt this behavior? Not necessarily – a general to-do list or even a regularly scheduled chore calendar ought to suffice for most “normal” folks.

Hand Sanitizer in Every Room

Part of being a neat freak is, obviously, the need for everything to be spotlessly clean and well-organized all of the time, and a good reason for this obsessive need in many people is the very legitimate fear of germs. So if you ever look around in a home you’re visiting and notice those little jars of hand sanitizers, or even more extreme, the wall mounts that dispense sanitizers in every room you walk into, you could very well be in the presence of a germophobe and a neat freak.

The fear of germs can be very justified – germs are what transmits deadly bacterias and viruses, after all, so being afraid of them is not exactly an irrational fear. But taken to the extreme level, this fear can completely take over your life, as it does with many neat freaks.

Is this a behavior that is worth adopting in your regularly-clean household? It might not be a bad idea to keep some instant hand sanitizer nearby sinks, bathrooms or any other areas that might harbor large areas of germs. But you don’t need 6 bottles of sanitizer in each and every room with wall mounted sanitizer next to every door knob, no.

Permanent Labeling Systems

For the obsessively organized person, labeling is absolutely critical. Generally speaking, everything in the hosue seems to be well-labeled and well-organized for people who like to keep things neat and tidy.

For the neat freaks of the world, permanent labeling systems are often put in place to keep track of and organize every single little item in the home. This might even include adding foil labels or even barcodes to everyday household items to make it easy to track and organize everything from pens and scissors to food and kitchen items.

This is a pretty extreme organizational habit, so is it a good idea to implement a heavy-duty permanent labeling system so that everything is always well-labeled, all the time? Not really. Simple organizational systems will do just fine.

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