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Why You Need SR22 Insurance in Illinois

Each state has some type of autmobile insurance requirement that is mandatory for every registered vehicle. It can be difficult for the state to keep track of who has and who does not have insurance.   Having uninsured motorists on the road is one reason automobile insruance rates have gotten so high. Illinois sr22 insurance is one way the state makes sure there are no uninsured cars on the roads. It is a simple form that is used between an insurance company and the Motor Vehicle Department.   If a vehicle owner allows their insurance policy to be canceled and does not have a new one in place, it can take a while before the DMV is aware of the situation. Many times it is not noticed until it is time to renew the registration. Once it is caught, the owner has to ask their insurance company for an SR22. This form guarantees there is liabilty coverage on the vehicle. Since it is a gurantee, the insurance company will notify the DMV any time there is a lapse in coverage of even one day.   A driver stopped by a police officer who cannot show proof of insurance will be given a citation for no insurance. It is quite possible the license plates will be removed from the car and it will be towed. An SR22 will be required before the car will be released to the owner.   The SR22 is for the driver, not necessarily the vehicle. Once a driver is required to carry an SR22, he or she will have to maintain it for three years with no lapse. Having a lapse in coverage of even one day can result in the suspension of driving privleges. In order to restore his or her driver’s license, another SR22 must be shown and the three years will start over. When a licensed driver needs to keep an SR22 but does not have a vehicle, he or she will still need to carry a non-owner policy for the three years.   Most auto insurance companies will ask if an SR22 is needed when starting a new policy. The vehicle owner must request one if any of the following are applicable:

  • There has been a lapse of insurance and it was noticed by the DMV.
  • The driver has been found guilty of driving under the influence.
  • The driver has had his or her license suspended due to failure to maintain an SR22 for three years.
  • A driver has been involved in a motor vehicle accident at a time when there was no liability coverage for the vehicle.

Not every driver will need to have this form of car insurance. The safest way to avoid needing one is to make sure any vehicle with a license plate has continual coverage that meets the minimum requirements of the state. Turn in the tags on a vehicle before canceling the insurance policy for it. When buying a new vehicle, make sure to have coverage before driving it home, even this short distance could result in an accident or being stopped by a police officer.

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