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Propose under a Waterfall!

Make your marriage proposal to the love of your life memorable by doing something spontaneous and very romantic like purposing under or over a waterfall! Read on for tips to make it the engagement of her dreams.

  • Do some research on accessible waterfalls that aren’t swarming with tourists, because you want this moment to be just for the two of you.
  • How will you get there? Cruise ships are a great idea; they can bring you to amazing tropical islands with amazing waterfalls and even arrange transportation and a romantic setting near your location of choice. They usually know the island well and can take pictures and video if desired.
  • Do you want to be alone? If that isn’t a concern, find a videographer to hide the bushes and film the whole thing
  • Arrange for special messages to be carved on the trees, spelled out with rocks, or a rather obvious line of rose petals along the trail headed to the waterfall. (Special messages should say something like, “true love,” or “happily ever after.” She will put it all together at the end.
  • Have a picnic of cheese, fruit and wine waiting nearby for after you pop the question.
  • To truly make this a surprise, go backpacking a few months prior so it’s not totally out of the ordinary when you do go to the waterfall.
  • Once the waterfall is in sight, suggest that you go swimming. (Where to ask is the hard part if you’ve never been there…can you stand under the waterfall? Would it be better with it just in view or on top? When researching waterfalls, make sure to ask if it’s still accessible and how. Call again a week before you go, sometimes waterfalls get blocked off for safety or preservation reasons.
  • Make sure to go when the weather is the warmest or else it will be pretty cold by the falls! However warmer weather might bring more crowds.
  • This is risky, but you can set the ring box behind the falls (if there is dry land there to climb onto) and have it waiting for when you both swim over there.
  • If you have arranged for the two of you too be dropped off then make sure to give you 3-4 hours before picking you up so you don’t have to rush anything.
  • If this is a surprise trip or she doesn’t know about the backing part, make sure to bring her hiking shoes, a backpack, etc.
  • Make sure to bring extra cameras just in case your camera or phone fall in the water, she’ll want to frame this moment.
  • If you are unable to find a good waterfall, many resorts have them around the pool areas. You could lead her under it late at night with candles and flowers waiting.
  • If you will be returning to a public place, have them set up a, “Congratulations” sign up and an applause waiting.
  • Have the hotel staff put champagne and chocolate covered strawberries in your room with rose petals on the bed.
  • Arrange for valet, spa, or any other special accommodations to make her feel like a princess for the day. Ask the hotel for ideas, usually they are very helpful with this kind of stuff!

Last but not least make sure you have fun. She will feed off your energy and attitude and have fun as well. No matter how the day goes (even awful) remember that the point is to simply ask for her to be your wife, which should be a good memory. Besides, anything crazy that happens usually adds to the fun of the story telling later!

Elena Lang works with the finest jewelry at Primestyle. She sells engagement rings at a low cost and helps women find the perfect wedding sets.

Elena Lang works with the finest jewelry at Primestyle. She sells engagement rings at a low cost and helps women find the perfect wedding sets.

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