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Can Different Golf Balls Really Help Your Game?

We all know that proper technique and different clubs can help you take strokes off of your game, but can different golf balls actually help you? Do certain balls have the ability to go further than others, or maybe even shorter?

The short answer is yes!

But here’s how:

Certain Balls are Harder and Some are Softer

While some may not notice a difference from one set of balls to the next, the truly dedicated golfer will spot the difference after his/her first swing.

A hard ball will feel like hitting a rock, and some may find this to their liking, because it offers a considerable amount of feedback. This feedback can then be used to correct or compensate your swings as you find necessary.

A softer ball will absorb some of the impact of the swing, which could equate to “feeling” the ball better, allowing you to slice or direct the ball better. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you can choose one ball over another and hit 100 more yards like in a video game, but in a game of inches, every advantage helps!

More Expensive Balls Use Softer Covers

What does this mean? It means that when the ball lands on the green, it will land softer and with less of a chance of flying into the rough. Most of the professional golfers out there use soft-covered balls for that very reason, or stock golf balls. In addition, they’re often easier to control when you go for a slice or approach shot.

On top of that, you’ll also notice that if you use a cheaper ball, it may be more difficult to control and will often bounce erratically when hitting the green. This is something you want to limit, so it could be worth it to invest in a proper box of Pro V1 balls of Nike One balls.


Some balls offer more confidence than others. Since a lot of golfers look for balls that offer the perfect medium (not too hard and not too soft), it may be hard to achieve this zen-like state of confidence. But it’s a known fact that when you find the right ball for you, you’ll feel like you can hit on any green you arrive on.


And those are the reasons why certain golf balls matter! Of course, if your swing is consistent and true, you’ll have no problem playing with any ball you encounter. But it doesn’t hurt finding one you prefer over another.

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