Common Important Milestones in a Person’s Life

We all lead unique lives and can sometimes forget the things that bond us. That’s why it’s important to remember the common important milestones in a person’s life to remind ourselves how similar we are.

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Graduating From School

Whether you stopped after grade school or have multiple PhDs, everyone has graduated at some point. Few things compare to the excitement of graduation—a single ceremony to celebrate years of hard work and learning. After graduation, people’s lives radically change as they enter the workforce and begin their independent lives or go on to a high institute of learning where they must push themselves even harder.

There are such few moments in a person’s life where all their loved ones gather to celebrate their individual accomplishments. That’s why it’s so important to savor every moment of graduation. After all, you earned it!

Buying Your First Home

The stresses of buying a first home, or any home for that matter, cannot be understated. However, stepping through the front door for the first time as guests shower you with the perfect housewarming gifts fills you with pride and joy. Your hard work manifested a plot of land that belongs to you!  One of life’s important milestones for sure.

Falling in Love

Not everyone gets married, and depending on where you’re from in the world, a traditional sense of marriage might not even exist. What everyone does experience is that moment when you are swept off your feet by someone. Even if only fleeting, the feeling of being in love is unparalleled in the excitement and joy that it will imbue into someone’s life.

Whether it’s love at first sight or a slow drip love that builds over time, once you truly fall in love, your life will never be the same. Who you love and how you love define you, so few moments in a person’s life can compare to when that love begins.

military familyHaving a Child

Anne Lamott said, “There really are places in the heart you don’t even know exist until you love a child.” People’s lives forever change when they become a parent. One thing that is so seminal about this moment is its permanence because once you have a child, you will always be a parent. Love for a partner can fade, you can sell your first home, but once you are a parent, that feeling of responsibility and love never leaves.

The first moment you see your baby will likely be the most life-changing moment of your life. The decisions you make from that day forward not only impact you but this little person you brought into the world. Everyone’s journey from that moment may defer, but the feeling of those first moments with your child are universal.

The common important milestones in a person’s life bind us all together. They are what make the human experience so worth living.


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