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World’s Fastest Animal Caught In Slo-mo

Move over, Olympics. Cheetahs are the world’s fastest,  and now thanks to the National Geographic, everyone can see them move in slow motion.

A team at the Cincinnati Zoo put a 1200-frame-per-second camera on a track to capture the animal. National Geographic says this is the first time the swift cat has been filmed in slow motion, high definition from the side, rather than from a fixed location. Capturing the animal this ways allowed the camera to capture every sinew and stride in dramatic detail.

A female cheetah captured on film ran 100 meters from a still start within 5.95 seconds noted by National Geographic. The world’s fastest human, Bolt, who won the London Olympics, won the record by running 100 meters in 9.63 seconds. There’s no comparison, as the cheetah is able to accelerate from 0 to 64 mph in 3 seconds, according to Wildlife Conservation Society.

Although quick, the animal is not outrunning extinction. Their numbers have fallen below 15,000 in Africa due to the shrinking of their habitat and scarcity of prey says the Wildlife Conservation Society. They are among the most endangered cats as their population of subspecies have fallen below 100 in some parts.

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